Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pin Release - WDI D23 Destination D: Attraction Rewind Jessica Rabbit Sign

A WDI Exclusive pin of the famous Jessica Rabbit and Pleasure Island Tonight! sign was released on Sunday, November 23rd at the D23 Destination D: Attraction Rewind. The Pleasure Island: Rewind was presented by Twinings of London® and celebrated the early days of the Downtown Disney nightlife district - which include moments dedicated to The Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse, Mannequins, and 8 Trax. This event was the grand finale the Destination D weekend and was topped off with a "New Years Eve" style celebration.

The Jessica Rabbit Pleasure Island pin was available at the Disney D23 Destination D Event as a Walt Disney Imagineering exclusive. This is a replica of the Pleasure Island Tonight! sign which was once atop the West End Stage on Pleasure Island. The back layer is circular with a dark blue clear fill with stars showing in the metal. The Pleasure Island Tonight! sign is on the next layer with a purple background and the two firework shapes which animated along side it. Jessica is also part of this layer, with a glitter filled dress and a movable leg as another layer. Her red lips have been printed on. This pin was a Limited Edition of 250 and sold for $19.95 each. It is an oversized pin measuring 3 inches and came on a special Pleasure Island backer card with original logo. The pin was reported to be Sold Out at the event.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Flashback Friday - Jessica Rabbit Disneyland Paris Statue

In 2007, Disneyland Paris offered a surprising amount of new Jessica merchandise such as a clock, shirt, chalkboard, apron, button pins and also a very accurate and curvy statue. Featuring a dark-pink glitter dress, purple flocked gloves and a mirrored kiss base - this is one Jessica statue that needs a closer look: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review # 9 - Disneyland Paris Statue

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #71 - Runway Shoe Ornament

At long last Disney created a Jessica Rabbit Shoe Christmas Ornament, which is part of their Runway Shoe Ornament Collection. The shoe ornaments and ear hat ornaments have become fairly popular over the last few years, and are also made into pins. The shoes take inspiration from the character it's based on - and this one is so over-the-top toony and cheeky it can belong only to Jessica. Take an up close look at this ornament and get an extra peek at a new infamous Christmas Leg !

Monday, November 24, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - Jessica Rabbit Standees

The holidays are quickly coming upon us and if you shop for a Jessica Rabbit fan (or for yourself) it might be hard to find something unique. Each Monday in November I'll point you in the direction of some fantastic custom artwork that will make the perfect gift.

Suspend Animation NY offers a large variety of wreaths, trinket boxes, and wall plaques with the likes of Mickey, Minnie, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, and even Jack Skellington. Each piece is highly detailed and expertly crafted. Jessica Rabbit has been made into a few different standees. This particular standee, with her famous over-the-shoulder-look, is 23 inches tall (that's about the height of the original Big Figure). Her dress is sparkling and Jessica's colors are all bold and vibrant. The standee is sturdy and both very carefully and expertly crafted. Jessica Rabbit is looking exactly as Jessica Rabbit should. There is even a three foot tall version of this available, which is hand painted on wood.

Have a look at all the fantastic work by Suspended Animation NY and give someone a gift they certainly won't have and won't expect!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Flashback Friday - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Baseball Jersey

In the early 90's, Roger Rabbit merchandise was incredibly scarce (which meant that Jessica merchandise was non-existent). A few things were released over time, but for any Roger and Jessica apparel, there was only one shirt released - the Roger Rabbit baseball jersey-style shirt. It was a first of it's kind, and a huge surprise release for The Disney Store. Take a look at this cool shirt with the cartoon cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #47 - Baseball Jersey

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pin Release - Reveal Conceal 2014 Series

The Disneyland Resort and California Adventure have released a new Mystery Pin Collection. They sell for $19.95 for a set of two pins and are an Open Edition. The series features 16 different pins, 8 of which you can see in the window of the box. The other pin is hidden behind it. (Photo, left, by TheRetroNerd) Characters in the series are:

Revealed pins:
Mickey's Toontown - Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab
Critter Country - Song of the South
Adventureland - The Jungle Book
New Orleans Square - The Princess and the Frog
Tomorrowland - Stitch
City Hall - Mickey and Minnie
Magic Kingdom - The Reluctant Dragon
Frontierland - Brother Bear

Concealed Pins:
Cars Land - Lightning McQueen
Pacific Wharf - Flounder and Sebastian
Paradise Pier - Goofy
Bugs Land - Flik
Condor Flats - Jessica Rabbit
Grizzly Peak - Dug and Russell
Hollywood Backlot - Snow White and Dopey
Buena Vista Street - Donald Duck

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NEW Jessica Rabbit Poster

The good people over at Acme Archives Ltd. have informed me of a new Jessica Rabbit poster by artist Michael de Pippo which will be available on November 20th through DarkInkArt.

It will sell for $50.00, is a Limited Edition 250 and is a silk screen with special metallic pink ink. Each print has the artist's authorized signature and it measures 18" x 24". It would make a great gift for the holidays!

For more about the artist, visit Michael de Pippo.

To purchase the print, visit DarkInkArt.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - The Shadow Studio

For a gift idea that is truly unique, take a look at these Roger, Jessica and Eddie Valiant shadow portraits. The famous trio of is now a fun collection of shadow portraits based on the cartoon-noir movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Julia of The Shadow Studio creates hand cut paper silhouette portraits and pendants. Beetlejuice, The Little Mermaid, Disney Villains, Wicked, Toy Story, The Last Unicorn, Frozen, Classic Horror Movie Monsters and so much more.

Here's an idea of what you will get from The Shadow Studio:

"This is a hand-cut paper silhouette of Jessica Rabbit. It comes mounted on a 5x7 piece of sturdy white cardstock, ready to frame. These silhouettes look beautiful in an oval frame, or with an oval mat in a rectangular frame.

The silhouette is both cut from and mounted on archival-quality, acid-free paper for longevity. Because each silhouette is cut by hand, each one will be slightly different - but I promise that they will all be beautiful!

Jessica's honey-bunny Roger and his pal Eddie Valiant are also available in my shop. Your silhouette will arrive mounted but not framed."

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday - Jessica Britto Bust

A new Jessica Rabbit statue by neo-pop artist, Romero Britto, was released in 2013. Known for his use of bold colors, graffiti patterns and elements of cubism, Jessica joins the growing list of Disney characters recreated by Britto, such as the Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse. Jessica is featured with different colors and in a style that we've not seen before. At an affordable price, this is still one Jessica piece worth picking up: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #63 - Britto Bust

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Artist Makes Life-Size Jessica Rabbit Statue

On Bonnie D. Graham's show, Senior Moments: The Happy Ones!, she welcomes artist and art teacher Marvin Anchin. He brought to the show his life-size, papier-mâché statues of movie characters Mr. Wolf from The Mask and Jessica Rabbit.

Marvin describes a little bit about his process in making these statues, being an art teacher and his experience in instructing seniors on how to create art in their later years. If you'd like to watch the video, click below:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - Jessica Ear Headband

One thing any Jessica Rabbit fan can note as "missing" from the Disney experience is a Jessica or Roger Rabbit themed ear hat or headband. Many characters have had there own themed hat made into the iconic Mickey Ears hat or Minnie Mouse headband. However, the famous couple of Toontown still waits for their turn. One creative Etsy user, ittakest00, delivers a selection of ear headband which include one based on Roger and Jessica. A hand painted polka-dot bow tie sits between the two ears. On the front the ears are a vibrant red sequin, on the back, purple. It's the perfect compliment to Roger and Jessica. You can buy it now - CLICK HERE.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Flashback Friday - Robert Tonner Interview

Famed doll designer, Robert Tonner, granted an exclusive interview to and gave us some great information on the creation of his 17 inch Jessica Rabbit doll. He also shared with us some of his inspirations, what led to his transition to creating dolls and so much more. Read this very rare interview with the master himself: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Exclusive Jessica Rabbit Doll Artist Interview - Robert Tonner Interview

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Couture de Force Release Date Changed

The Jessica Rabbit Couture de Force statue, originally scheduled to be released in January, has been moved to a February 15, 2015 release. This statue was first pushed back to March of 2015, but the Enesco website has been updated again to show February. Others in the series (Anna, Elsa, Mulan) all have varying release dates as well.

To see more, visit Enesco's Website.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - Masks By Pirates Quarters

I've happened across so many great artists who have created custom Jessica Rabbit pieces for sale that I want to pass on their information to you - in case you're looking for a gift for yourself, or for the Jessica fan who seems to have it all by now.

A few years ago I came across fantastic a artist, Denise of Pirates Quarters, selling custom made Disney inspired masks. I was incredibly impressed with her selection and how well they were made. I asked if she would be able to create a Jessica Rabbit mask for me - and she did! You can learn a lot more about her if you read this In The Spotlight article, which gives you a closer look at her talents and the creation of the Jessica Rabbit mask. She has been busily at work on new creations and isn't afraid to tackle your custom order. This is an amazing mask, and shows the depth of talent Denise possesses. If you are looking for something unique for a holiday gift, pay her Etsy store a visit today!

Custom Masks By Pirates Quarters