Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to - A Jessica Rabbit Website

Since the release of the 1988 toon-noir film Who Framed Roger Rabbit I have remained a huge fan and remember first seeing it like it was yesterday. I was captivated by the commercial on TV, and even more so with the character of Jessica Rabbit. It was a movie I KNEW I had to see. I wasn't disappointed. The artistry and attention to detail are things still admired today. It's a showcase of beautiful hand-drawn animation and superb acting.

I began a Yahoo group in 2000 called Roger Rabbit's Toon Town, which naturally focused on my favorite movie. After a few years I started a Jessica Rabbit Yahoo Group, on February 14 of 2003. I was very happy to see that Jessica was gaining in popularity with several collectible pins being released. Eventually, more merchandise became available than we had ever seen since the film was released. So, the site stayed very active and the news was flowing as Jessica Rabbit merchandise kept coming out regularly.

The years went by and Jessica Rabbit pins became the hot new Disney collectible. I enjoyed a successful time on Yahoo Groups, but it did not exactly offer everything a website needed to thrive, so I knew the time would come when I'd have to venture out and have a real site created - and after five great years on Yahoo, I put plans in motion just before the 20th Anniversary of the film.

I am not at all familiar with html so I asked for a lot of help to get the site built. Where I really came in is with the site content. I have been collecting merchandise, photos and info about Jessica since 1988. By now I have an extensive database and archive. When I began this project, I didn't realize it would become such a monster. Renaming files, writing codes, selecting colors - it was all new to me. I am also very particular, so I knew exactly what I wanted - I just didn't know how to do it. I AM the biggest Jessica Rabbit fan you will find, but trying to create the site, I had Jessica on the brain more in the those months alone than in the past 20 years. I felt like I hit my peak! I needed a break, especially being suddenly faced with the task of doing the site on my own. However, I pushed through and really started to get this site in shape with more content.

It was time Jessica Rabbit got a site dedicated to her, and I hope will serve that purpose. I suppose she could be seen as my generation's Betty Boop, with her popularity increasing vastly over the years. So far, this is the only active site dedicated to Jessica Rabbit available on the internet. I plan to keep it going as long as I can and eventually evolve into something bigger and better one day. As of now, there are over half a million page views, interviews with official Disney Jessica Rabbit artists, merchandise reviews, videos, photos and up to date news. Hopefully, there is much more to come.

Stay Tooned!

CLICK HERE for a look back at the archive.