Thursday, December 8, 2005

Roger and Jessica Rabbit Big Figure Prototype

Both the regular version and prototype (which was slightly different) of the Roger and Jessica Rabbit Big Figure statue have shown up. They were only available on the Disney Auctions site. The prototype had ad very small edition size, while the regular was a Limited Edition of 250.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Jessica - All Dressed Up, New Years pin

Now available is the Jessica Rabbit, All dressed up - New Years pin. She is number one in a set of five (but actually six). Along with Jessica is Lilo and Stitch, Cruella and her henchmen, Mickey and Minnie, Tinker Bell and Edna Mode.

Each pin features glitter accents and special crystals.

Jessica is all dressed up and ready to ring in the new year with upswept hair and purple glittered dress and gloves. She sits on a bar stool with her purse swung over it and one leg out on the other. She wears a special jeweled bracelet.

They are limited editions of 500 and free shipping is available on all pins on Mondays.