Monday, November 19, 2007

What Should You Wish For This Holiday Season?

2007 brought us a lot of Jessica items - but before doing a review - what should be on your Jessica Wish List this holiday season? Or what should you get for your Jessica fan?

One pin that I thought would be a very quick sell-out was Jessica as Maleficent. This was part of the LE 250 series released for Halloween. She also dressed as Aladdin, Roger, Hercules, Goofy, Mrs. Incredible, Peter Pan and Alice. The last two mentioned also seemed to be fan favorites as well. Maleficent became a pretty popular villain and combining that with Jessica made the pin a must have, which sold out the same morning of release.

Hot Topic released some more items this year. A button, a wallet, a tote bag and shirts. While harder to find in my local stores, they were available on their website for a time. Most recently they released a keychain that was a little more hip and interesting for being a Jessica item. Long chains and Jessica's curvaceous pose make this a winning item and a great stocking-stuffer.