Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year End Review, Pins, Hot Topic and 20th Anniversary!

Not to be outdone by last year, 2007 was yet another Jessica-filled year with almost 140 items released, dominated mostly of course by pins. The pin-trading craze is still hot as ever but there were some changes that didn't go unnoticed.

In the past, Jessica pins often sold out the same morning of release, forcing people to stay up until midnight (or 3am on the East Coast) to get their desired pin, but this year we often saw a Jessica pin on the site for weeks after release. There were some that did disappear quickly though, like Doctor Jessica and Jessica on a Motorcycle. There was no telling just which pin was going to strike a nerve with collectors but Jessica has now become more commonplace.

Roger and Jessica were often together on pins this time around and this became common throughout the year. We also got to see other characters, such as Baby Herman, Benny and the Weasels.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Should You Wish For This Holiday Season?

2007 brought us a lot of Jessica items - but before doing a review - what should be on your Jessica Wish List this holiday season? Or what should you get for your Jessica fan?

One pin that I thought would be a very quick sell-out was Jessica as Maleficent. This was part of the LE 250 series released for Halloween. She also dressed as Aladdin, Roger, Hercules, Goofy, Mrs. Incredible, Peter Pan and Alice. The last two mentioned also seemed to be fan favorites as well. Maleficent became a pretty popular villain and combining that with Jessica made the pin a must have, which sold out the same morning of release.

Hot Topic released some more items this year. A button, a wallet, a tote bag and shirts. While harder to find in my local stores, they were available on their website for a time. Most recently they released a keychain that was a little more hip and interesting for being a Jessica item. Long chains and Jessica's curvaceous pose make this a winning item and a great stocking-stuffer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

MORE Jessica items arrive at Hot Topic!

NEW from Hot Topic, and from the company Loungefly, three Jessica Rabbit items to get your heart racing! First is the Jessica Rabbit Tote Bag. Selling for $32, this tote features allover pink and purple stripes, an image of the sultry Jessica Rabbit with red glitter accents on her dress and embroidered outlines in black, red crossed bones, white and red hearts and "I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way" written in black across the front. The handle and trim is a shiny red foil.

Next is The Jessica Rabbit Wallet for $16. This purple metallic wallet features diagonal matte purple stripes, an image of Jessica Rabbit with her outline embroidered in light purple, embroidered hearts, red glitter accents on her hair and dress, clear ID window, card slots, bill fold and a zipper coin pocket.

Lastly there is The Jessica Rabbit Patch for $3.99. This iron-on patch features the sultry Jessica Rabbit.

But don't forget about the Jessica Rabbit Pin for $1.75. This purple pin features the seductive Jessica Rabbit and two red hearts with white crossbones in the middle.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jessica Rabbit is a welcome addition to Tokyo Disneyland!

There has been a recent surge of interest in Tokyo Disneyland for our Jessica. Special thanks to Robin for use of NEW Jessica merchandise photos.

These new items are more on the stationery side, offering pens, pencils and paper.

There is a metal Jessica bookmark, with Jessica herself outlined in red and ribbon which dangles a small red heart and glittered red kiss.

Two file folders have been released, one with a photo of Jessica sitting, the other of her standing - each surrounded by kisses and hearts and her name nearby.

A glittered Jessica notebook was released, as well as a small Jessica memo pad - each containing her name and photos of her inside.

Something really interesting is the Jessica Business Card (or credit card) Holder - with a red outline of Jessica and complete with its own black carry case that has her name as well.

Lastly we have a Jessica pen - with dangle glittered lips and a picture of Jessica standing and a Mechanical Lead Pencil, with dangle red heart and Jessica's Face - each against a red shiny background.

So far you can only find these in Tokyo Disneyland - or eBay. Get what you can!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pin Sneak Peeks ! !

The pin-tastic people of Dizpins were gracious enough to post scans of the Disney Shopping Planned Pin Releases for Summer 2007.

Beginning with the week of June 25, we have American Gothic Roger and Jessica.

July 2 offers and interesting pin of a stage door that opens to reveal a piano - but no Jessica, time will tell what this pin is about.

July 9th is Superhero week with Jessica flying through the air in costume.

July 16, everyone is headed to one big biker event, including Jessica behind the wheel with Roger close by.

July 23 offers my favorites, one of Jessica holding a Roger Rabbit balloon - the other is a Jumbo Pin of the Ink and Pain Club staff and Jessica seated beautifully in the center.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Jessica Rabbit World Travels pin series available

A new pin series of Jessica Rabbit traveling around the world has been released:

Jessica dances her way through Deutschland on this delectable gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica stays warm and cozy on this South Pole gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica enjoys an Asian influence on this gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica gets stylish on this designer-clothing gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica feels the rhythm on this Brazilian gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels

Jessica readies to watch the wildlife on this safari gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica enjoys the islands on this Caribbean gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Jessica flamencos her way through Spain on this flowing gold-finished jumbo character pin, one in a series of Jessica's world travels.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

NEW ladies Jessica shirts at Hot Topic

There are two new ladies Jessica shirts available only at Hot Topic. One shirt is a white fitted tank top with a slinky rough pencil type drawing of Jessica. Her dress and lips are colored in light pink and her gloves in light purple. The other shirt is a red t-shirt of Jessica putting on her lipstick - she is printed in all black.

Pretty nice items, pick yours up today!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hooray For Hollywood Set available

It's opening night! All your favorite Disney stars are in the spotlight from Lilo and Stitch, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Mickey and Minnie, the Aristocats to Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket. Collect them all in our glamorous collection of five pins. Arrives in a decorative ''Mickey's Gala Premiere'' box.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jessica Rabbit pin overload

Within the coming weeks we will be treated to a feast of Jessica Rabbit pins - featuring Jessica as we've Never Seen Her Before.

Another 8 pin selection, just like the Halloween pins, will be available soon with Jessica dressed in various outfits.

A New Jessica Nurses Day is on its way along with Jessica as a phone operator, Jessica Cinco de Mayo and April Showers drive with Roger.

Check Disney Shopping every Monday for new releases.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Valentine Heart Set... UNcanceled?

The Jessica Valentine set is now available through Disney Shopping after a brief debacle over the past two days. It now states on their website that the pins will not ship out for 2 weeks.

This may be your chance to pick one up while you can.

Also - Yesterday on Disney Shopping many pins that were said to be "lost" by Disney Auctions were showing up for sale at very low prices. Jessica and Roger Mechanical Jumbo (by the moon), and Jessica Back To School were available for a very short time. Maybe we will see the Jessica Movie Star Jumbo? Here's Hoping!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Jessica Valentine Heart Set Canceled

It seems there are problems from Disney Auctions mixing with Disney Shopping for the recent release of the Jessica Rabbit Valentine set. All pin orders have been cancelled and according to Disney the pins are not available at this time. Earlier reports by Cast Members for Disney Shopping said the sets were Sold Out, which did not seem possible. Cancelation letters state the pin sets as LE 200 - however the website states LE 1000.

Callers were instructed to call back in coming weeks as it seems the sets are on backorder.

And in an odd twist, some of the pins "lost" by Disney Auctions have shown up today for sale on Disney Shopping through what they claim is a "special arrangement."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Jessica neon sign removed from Pleasure Island

In what must be the most disappointing news in a while, it is 100% confirmed that the Jessica Rabbit neon sign (once part of the Jessica's store, then moved to an entrance of Pleasure Island - welcoming guests for years) has been removed.

It was part of Disney's remodeling plan and the entire West End Stage Jessica sat atop was taken down, along with the Pleasure Island Tonight sign.

It's unknown what happened to the sign or if it will show up again.

Remembering Pleasure Island by Mouse Planet