Monday, November 24, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - Jessica Rabbit Standees

The holidays are quickly coming upon us and if you shop for a Jessica Rabbit fan (or for yourself) it might be hard to find something unique. Each Monday in November I'll point you in the direction of some fantastic custom artwork that will make the perfect gift.

Suspend Animation NY offers a large variety of wreaths, trinket boxes, and wall plaques with the likes of Mickey, Minnie, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, and even Jack Skellington. Each piece is highly detailed and expertly crafted. Jessica Rabbit has been made into a few different standees. This particular standee, with her famous over-the-shoulder-look, is 23 inches tall (that's about the height of the original Big Figure). Her dress is sparkling and Jessica's colors are all bold and vibrant. The standee is sturdy and both very carefully and expertly crafted. Jessica Rabbit is looking exactly as Jessica Rabbit should. There is even a three foot tall version of this available, which is hand painted on wood.

Have a look at all the fantastic work by Suspended Animation NY and give someone a gift they certainly won't have and won't expect!