Saturday, May 16, 2009

Roger Rabbit Sequel on the way

MTV caught up with director Robert Zemeckis, who told the site he is interested in revisiting Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Talk of a "Roger Rabbit" sequel has been going on since the film originally hit theaters, but now it appears closer than ever. Speaking to MTV News in April, they asked him if he thought of making a fourth Back To The Future movie, but Zemeckis mentioned his interest in another project.

MTV: Are there any of your old projects that you've been thinking about revisiting in some way? Obviously, you did three Back to the Futures, is there a way to revisit that in some form, like motion capture, performance capture?

Robert Zemeckis: Well, I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability, the digital tools, and performance capture, is I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit.

MTV: Please do it. Is it based on a old idea or a new idea?

Robert Zemeckis: Ummm, new idea. New idea.

MTV: Will it look similar to the methods you used last time, or will you use totally new methods?

Robert Zemeckis: Yes and no. Yes and no.

When asking for more, Zemeckis only said,

“I can’t give you more details.”

Back in December of 2007, Roger Rabbit producer Frank Marshall also expressed interest in another movie but since then, no more details had come fourth, making it seem like just talk. Robert Zemeckis had been the most vocal about this impossibility and imporbability of a Roger sequel, so this is very promising news.

MTV talks with Robert Zemeckis