Monday, November 17, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - The Shadow Studio

For a gift idea that is truly unique, take a look at these Roger, Jessica and Eddie Valiant shadow portraits. The famous trio of is now a fun collection of shadow portraits based on the cartoon-noir movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Julia of The Shadow Studio creates hand cut paper silhouette portraits and pendants. Beetlejuice, The Little Mermaid, Disney Villains, Wicked, Toy Story, The Last Unicorn, Frozen, Classic Horror Movie Monsters and so much more.

Here's an idea of what you will get from The Shadow Studio:

"This is a hand-cut paper silhouette of Jessica Rabbit. It comes mounted on a 5x7 piece of sturdy white cardstock, ready to frame. These silhouettes look beautiful in an oval frame, or with an oval mat in a rectangular frame.

The silhouette is both cut from and mounted on archival-quality, acid-free paper for longevity. Because each silhouette is cut by hand, each one will be slightly different - but I promise that they will all be beautiful!

Jessica's honey-bunny Roger and his pal Eddie Valiant are also available in my shop. Your silhouette will arrive mounted but not framed."