Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ImNotBad.com 2015 Year End Review

This year was the slowest in Jessica Rabbit news in a very long time. Not since the mid 1990's was there so little of Jessica to be seen. The pin selections were slim, and the merchandise even slimmer. To make up for the empty space ImNotBad.com had a Jessica Rabbit Pin of the Day post, revisiting many of the past Jessica Rabbit pins released over the years. With over 600 released to date, there were certainly plenty to choose from. The pins were often themed to the month and can be seen HERE. It was a daunting task searching through my files of pins, art and scans, so in September it was changed over to Pin of the Week.

There was some new artwork that had appeared on the Disney Dream cruise ship which was created by famed Disney Illustrator Don "Ducky" Williams. It features Jessica and Roger dressed in United States Navy uniforms and the cruise line logo in the center.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - New Years Jessica Rabbit

Title: New Years Jessica Rabbit
Released: December 20th 2013 at the Disney Soda Fountain
Price: $12.95
Limited Edition: 400

Jessica is in her signature dress and gloves. Her dress is glitter filled with dark pink. The top hat and noisemaker are glitter gold. She is also wearing a Happy New Year! sash.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Very Happy Holidays
From ImNotBad.com

Monday, December 21, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - A Roger Rabbit Christmas Set

Title: A Roger Rabbit Christmas Set
Released: December 11 2006 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $120
Limited Edition: 100

Roger and Jessica Rabbit deck the halls and spread holiday cheer in this six-pin set. In the first pin Roger and Jessica exchange a pile of Christmas Gifts. The second pin shows accident-prone Roger tangled in a strand of lights. The third pin has Jessica decorating the Christmas tree, while Roger gets caught up in it. The fourth pin is a serving of Mickey icon cookies made by Jessica. Roger Rabbit is dressed as Santa in the fifth pin. For the last pin, Jessica is caroling while Roger joins the festivities.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Custom Jessica Rabbit Standees By Suspended Animation NY

Suspended Animation has added another amazing custom piece to the wide selection of Jessica Rabbit art. This new standee towers at almost 4 feet tall. Suspended Animation NY has a selection of art that is sure to wow you, and his Jessica pieces are no exception - you can read a review of a standee I got here. It is identical to this new pice except in size. So, if you're looking to go a lot bigger in your Jessica collection, this is what you'll be wanting.

To see the 4 Foot Tall Jessica Rabbit Standee, CLICK HERE

This isn't the only Jessica Rabbit standee available. The Jessica Rabbit pin that every collector was talking about, the Jessica Rabbit Movie Star Jumbo, became the Holy Grail of Jessica pins. Now, here's your chance to own the beautiful design, painstakingly recreated into a 23 inch standee. Jessica Rabbit is in the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch, and can now be yours again in a totally new and larger format. There is also a 24" inch glittered standee of Jessica Rabbit's memorable Pleasure Island sign, a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Anniversary piece, Jessica from Roller Coaster Rabbit, and a Jessica Rabbit Trinket Box.

I can say from seeing for myself that the work is fantastic. It's not often something comes along which is a custom art piece of Jessica that looks so amazing. Even if Jessica doesn't happen to be your favorite character, there is a big selection of others you can choose from. Custom orders are also available upon request. These are all perfect for your home, office, as a gift - or for yourself.

Suspend Animation NY offers a large variety of characters on wreaths, trinket boxes, and wall plaques with the likes of Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Tinker Bell, and Jack Skellington. Each piece is highly detailed and expertly crafted.

To see more by Suspended Animation NY on Etsy - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Store 25th Anniversary - Part Three: The Merchandise

The Jessica Rabbit store was not short on the amount of merchandise it offered. Though the building was only a few hundred square feet of shopping space, it was packed with shirts, mugs, jackets, magnets, towels, tote bags, jewelry, and yes... even lingerie. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a blockbuster movie, it was followed by two short cartoons, with another on the way by the time the Jessica Rabbit store was in place. It would appear there would be plenty of time to capitalize on the character - but unfortunately that time came to a quick and sudden end. There has been little record of Jessica's and the merchandise that was once available, especially since Pleasure Island is now a thing of the past.

Here for the first time is a very exclusive look at the vast selection of merchandise available at Jessica's. We will get inside information about some of the items through artist interviews and even see concept art for merchandise never produced.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Snowman Likeness Set

Title: Snowman Likeness Set
Released: December 24th 2007 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $129.00
Limited Edition: 100

Even on Christmas Eve Disney Pins were being released back in 2007. This set was rather unique and interesting as it featured the popular characters of pins made out of snow. Mickey Mouse, Cheshire Cat, Stitch, Winnie The Pooh, Jessica Rabbit, and Chip and Dale are all part of the set, made with white fill and silver glitter.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Store 25th Anniversary - Part Two: The Building

Pleasure Island was more than a new location filled with shops and bars, it was actually an entirely new themed area. The island itself had a backstory of once belonging to Merriweather Adam Pleasure, who used the buildings for his seafaring business. After he was lost at sea the island and its buildings sat abandoned until it was discovered by Imagineers. They were determined to bring new life into the old island, and also pay homage to its previous owner. Once restored, the island was bustling again and even had its own mascot, the moon-faced Grand Funmeister. All the buildings had a rustic, industrial look with many of them having metal side paneling, vaulted ceilings and large windows. The Jessica's store was no exception, and seemed to incorporate an older style with that of a modern city building.

Even though the mermaid from Splash didn't get her signature saloon with a tail-swinging neon sign, the idea may have inspired what we know as the Jessica Rabbit store. Let's take a closer look at the area of Pleasure Island where Jessica's was located, the building, brochure maps and what it was like for Jessica Rabbit creator, Gary K. Wolf, to see his character's very own store.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Snowflake Series Jessica Rabbit

Title: Snowflake Series Jessica Rabbit
Released: December 29 2008 on the Disney Shopping website.
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 250

Jessica Rabbit is dressed in her winter best, a maroon turtleneck sweater with gloves and a hat. She's surrounded by snowflakes in blue circular trim.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Store 25th Anniversary - Part One: The Beginning

According to the D23 Website, December 15th, 2015 will mark the 25th Anniversary of Jessica's, the Jessica Rabbit store which once stood in the center of Pleasure Island. This store is almost legendary to some people, since its time in Disney History was extremely short. Often confused as merely a lingerie shop, Jessica's was actually full of themed merchandise such as mugs, shirts, statues and accessories. Although Pleasure Island has now converted into Disney Springs, the iconic image of Jessica Rabbit was a mainstay to the West End Stage, greeting guests and providing photo opportunities long after her store had closed. (Press Image left courtesy Disney Vacation Kingdom)

Open from late 1990 to some time in 1992, many people never got the chance to visit The Jessica Rabbit Store. After compiling information these last several years, ImNotBad.com is happy to offer an extensive look at what was - including merchandise photos, concept art and interviews, in a three-part article that will put a spotlight on one of Disney's first character-themed stores.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Destination D: Attraction Rewind Jessica

Title: Pleasure Island Tonight!
Released: November 23 2014 at the D23 Destination D: Attraction Rewind in Walt Disney World
Price: $19.95
Limited Edition: 250

The Jessica Rabbit Pleasure Island pin was available at the Disney D23 Destination D Event as a Walt Disney Imagineering exclusive. This is a replica of the Pleasure Island Tonight! sign which was once atop the West End Stage on Pleasure Island. The back layer is circular with a dark blue clear fill with stars showing in the metal. The Pleasure Island Tonight! sign is on the next layer with a purple background and the two firework shapes which animated along side it. Jessica is also part of this layer, with a glitter filled dress and a movable leg as another layer. Her red lips have been printed on. It is an oversized pin measuring 3 inches and came on a special Pleasure Island backer card with original logo.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Happy Thanksgiving Roger And Jessica

Title: Happy Thanksgiving Roger And Jessica
Released: November 22 2008 at the Disney Soda Fountain
Price: $12.95
Limited Edition: 300

Roger and Jessica Rabbit celebrate Thanksgiving together and share a delicious meal. Roger is sitting with Jessica and is ready to eat some turkey. Since Roger once stated he's a vegetarian, maybe it's Tofurkey?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pin Release - Seasons Greetings 2015 Mystery Set

The Seasons Greetings 2015 Mystery Set was released on November 19th, 2015 in Disney Parks. The set feature Disney Princesses Elsa, Anna, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, but also includes Alice and Jessica Rabbit which are most likely the chaser pins. All the pins are shaped like a different snowflake, each filled with a different shiny color (not glitter filled as previous suspected). Jessica's border is pink with silver heart shapes. She is in a silver bordered oval in the center. The pose seems to be similar to her Valentine's Day 2005 pin. This is an Open Edition set hat includes two mystery pins and sells for $16.96 each.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Now Available - The New Jessica Rabbit Bust

The new Jessica Rabbit bust by Grand Jester Studios is now available to order through the Enesco Website. It is 8" tall, is full of little details at the base and sells for $80.

"Voluptuous Jessica Rabbit freshens up her lipstick as the sultry songstress prepares to take the stage. The base is decorated with presents from her beau, Roger Rabbit."

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Roger And Jessica Rabbit Thanksgiving

Title: Roger And Jessica Rabbit Thanksgiving
Released: November 06 2006 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $12.95
Limited Edition: 250

Jessica and Roger are dressed in Native American style clothes, complete with feather headdresses and turquoise jewelry.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Roger And Jessica Rabbit Pilgrims

Title: Roger And Jessica Rabbit Pilgrims
Released: November 12 2007 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $14.95
Limited Edition: 500

Roger and Jessica Rabbit walk amongst the fall-colored trees, with their gold and brown leaves. Roger and Jessica are dressed as pilgrims, wearing traditional black and white attire. However, Jessica has black heeled shoes with gold buckles.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Fall Series Jessica Rabbit

Title: Fall Series Jessica Rabbit
Released: September 08 2008 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $12.95
Limited Edition: 250

Jessica Rabbit is ready for fall and standing amongst the leaves which are filled with different clear colors of brown, gold, purple, yellow and maroon.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Heidi Klum Transforms Into Jessica Rabbit For Halloween 2015

A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

Heidi Klum has been known for her legendary Halloween parties, and her outrageous costumes. This year proves to be no exception, as she dressed as Jessica Rabbit! However, this is not simply Heidi Klum in a sparkly dress. She had full body prosthetics custom made to give her the real look and curves of Jessica. Take a look at the transformation:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Tombstone Pin Set Series

Title: Tombstone Pin Set Series
Released: September 2005 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95 each, Base with Mickey Mouse Pin $39.95
Limited Edition: 1000 each

This is the very first Jessica Rabbit Halloween pin ever released - and not only that, but Jessica shares it with none other than Pluto. There were six sets released in this series - each with two pins.

Each couple was connected to a large resin tombstone between them. This was a first for Disney to get as imaginative as they did adding the tombstone - but it didn't end there. You can collect all of the sets and buy a separate display for them. All six of the sets could be placed in a slot on the slanted base for a fun graveyard diorama. The base had a haunted house background and came with a pin of Mickey Mouse dressed as The Big Bad Wolf. The display base sold separately for $39.95. So the whole thing would have cost over $130 - which is actually not too bad considering a six pin set nowadays sells for more, and you don't get a display or tombstones.

To add Pluto with Jessica Rabbit, and in a set with other Disney characters, was a very telling move. It meant that Jessica was now recognizable enough to be alongside the others. It was definitely at this point the Jessica Rabbit pins really started to flourish.

Jessica Rabbit and Tinker Bell though are the only two in this series that are not wearing Halloween costumes. Pluto is dressed as a sheriff, with a small bat flying around his nose. Jessica Rabbit is holding a trick-or-treat pumpkin and at least has a look of fright on her face as she is surrounded by bats flying around her. These are not the first pins to have characters dressed AS other Disney characters, but there were not many before it.