Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ariel 17 Inch Doll Surfaces

Disney's other famous redhead has come up from the sea for a very special reason. The 17 inch Heirloom Collection continues at long last with it's latest addition from The Little Mermaid, Ariel. She's a fully poseable 17 inch doll with an embellished tail, flowing red hair and shell jewelry. While it's stated that the doll does have a poseable tail, it does not say if she has legs like all the usual Ariel dolls do. She was made available for preorder by the Disney Store website and locations, but won't be released until October 1st when the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray comes out. She is a Limited Edition of 6000, which is raised from the usual edition size, and sells for $99.95. People who have seen the doll in person on display in Disney Stores are already praising the doll on its unique look. It's also been rumored that the surprise release doll will be Ursula, however, due to the nature of the dolls and their customary boxes, there is no word on if the doll with be Ursula in her usual form, a slimmed down version, or her transformed into Vanessa. The Ursula doll won't be released until October 1st. Disney has taken a slight departure from this 17 inch line, with Ariel so far being the only doll available this year. Previous years had seen a few dolls released during the summer months. The 17 inch Ariel doll is an excellent likeness with fantastic details - making all of us here wanting Disney to make Jessica even more!

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(UPDATE - it appears the doll may be sold out. This was released on Monday July 29th, and that would be quite fast for them to all be spoken for, but Ariel has proven to be a very popular character, so this doll may in fact already be sold out. There was also a big reveal of the 17 inch Ursula and Prince Eric dolls.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

People Want Jessica Rabbit In Disney Parks

The question is, which version should we see? While barraged by complaints about the mask, one thing is certainly clear now - whether or not it's with an improved mask or as a face character, people DO want to see a Jessica Rabbit mascot in the Disney parks. The people who were displeased by the look of the mask took to the internet in droves to make their opinion known. However, it didn't keep people from favoriting or liking the photos of Jessica's park debut, and there are some people now showing their appreciation for not only the costume, but the fact that Disney did something amazingly cool by prominently including the characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit in their event.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Disney D-Tech iPhone Cases

There looks to be a new Disney D-Tech iPhone case released, with the newer image from Jessica Rabbit's Salute shirt. It appears that it is officially from Disney and not fan-made. They are for use with the iPhone 5 and there's no real information on where you can pick these up or how much they cost, but it looks to be a Disney Park item. There are a few D-Tech cases on the Disney Store website, but this one has not shown up yet. So if you are roaming the parks, keep a look out for this great new iPhone case. (UPDATE: They are official. The cases are for the iPhone 4S and 5 and can be found in Disney Parks.)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Funko Confirms Roger Rabbit POP! Series

Back in late 2012 when Funko was announcing their Series 5 of Disney Pop! Vinyl figures, people were rooting for Roger and Jessica Rabbit to be added in the line. Unfortunately that didn't happen. However, during Toy Fair 2013, Vinylmation Kingdom conducted an interview with the President of the Funko company himself, Brian Mariotti, where he said he had been trying to get the rights to produce figures of Roger, Jessica and Benny for a while.

Vinylmation Kingdom brings us some more good news when they picked up on a HUGE announcement from the Funko Prez. The statement:

“THINK small groups from here on out with Disney.. so we can release more throughout the year..

For example: 4 new Pop! from Roger Rabbit are coming up next after series 5. Then we have a bunch of smaller groupings that all Disney fans will really love!”

So it is CONFIRMED, Roger and three other toons will be added to the assortment of characters, and released in a new way than the company has done previously. This still leaves a few questions, such as, which other characters will be produced and will we see them in any other series. Funko not only produces their main line of Pop! Vinyl figures, but has created some of the same characters from that series as plush dolls, bookmarks and bobbleheads. So, it will be interesting to see if the characters do make it to other lines. They also release the character figure in other paint options such as metallics, glow in the dark or different colors. Funko recently started a series of Disney Mystery Minis. These egg-head shaped characters come in three different variations in a sealed box, so you don't know which character, or version, you are going to get. This is the kind of line that would be perfect for Roger Rabbit characters as well.

We are pretty much guaranteed Roger will be one of the four square-headded Pop! Vinyl figures to be released. The President of Funko previously mentioned wanting Benny the Cab in the series, so it will be interesting to see if that can even work or if Benny is planned for a different line. Baby Herman is another name people are throwing around, and of course, Jessica! Hopefully we'll know more soon. Stay Tooned!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Roger Rabbit Comic-Con Panel Discussion

Making Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary

This hour long panel included guests who worked on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit film, discussing the process from taking the book to the screen, the creation of the characters and the process of animation and special effects. Producer Don Hahn served as host, and guests were Andreas Deja, Tom Sito, James Baxter, Nick Ranieri, Dave Bossert and Charles Fleischer. Here's what was said about Jessica Rabbit:

Don Hahn:
I want to talk about Jessica.

(Audience hoots and cheers, photo of Rita Hayworth comes on screen)

And Andreas, I want you to talk about Russell Hall. There was an animator on the show who's not with us today. We looked and looked for someone to design Jessica and animate Jessica, teach us everything we could possibly know about Jessica. We looked at Rita Hayworth in these stills. We had drawing classes, this is Walt Stanchfield our drawing instructor, with a leggy supermodel trying to show her how to walk. Walt was frustrated that she couldn't pose right so he finally got up and posed himself.

(Above photos were shown, via Hans Bacher)

Charles Fleischer:
He's still doing that now by the way.

Don Hahn:
He's still stuck in that position. But, Jessica was animated by this rather shy looking gentlemen on the right, named Russell Hall. Andreas, what do you remember about Russell?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Hallmark Christmas Ornament Coming In 2014

Over at Captain Toy, I was surprised by an image of a new Hallmark Christmas ornament coming for the 2014 holiday season - Jessica Rabbit! There hasn't been an ornament of Jessica in over ten years, and this is the first time ever Hallmark has added our favorite toon diva in their ornament line. Jessica Rabbit is sashaying her way to your tree and is sparkling in a glittered dress. The ornament was on display at Comic-Con along with many more to come for next year and this year. Head on over to Michael's great site for more images at Comic-Con.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pin Preview - Back To School ID Jessica

Just when things seemed to be getting slightly overdone, the Disney Soda Fountain has come up with a cute new pin series which is no doubt influenced by the release of Monsters University. The Back To School ID card series will be released on August 3rd. Each will be a Limited Edition of 400 (which is a higher number than usual) and sell for $14.95 each. The characters in this series are Chicken Little, Sulley, Vanellope von Schweetz and Jessica Rabbit. It appears both the character picture and the crest will be a pin-on-pin element. Jessica's headshot is to the bottom right of the pink ID card. She's looking very studious in her white collared shirt. Above her photo reads "Acme High School." The crest off to the left features Roger's ears, hearts and a blue letter "J." Jessica Rabbit's name is printed in white at the bottom.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary Comic-Con Panel

Friday July 19, 2013 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Don't forget, at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con there will be a panel called Making Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary, led by legendary producer Don Hahn and with special guests animation masters Andreas Deja and James Baxter, animator/writer/historian Tom Sito, special effx wizard Dave Bossert and the voice of Roger Rabbit himself, Charles Fleisher. There will also be incredible clips and stories from the making of the film. Be sure to check it out if you're at Comic-Con!

To read the discussion and view video of the panel - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swarovski Offers Mickey And Minnie Crystal Statues

Swarovski, known for their brilliant crystals and specialized jewelry, has created a 9 inch tall Minnie and Mickey Mouse statue covered in thousands of stones. Using their exclusive Pointiage Technique, over 30,000 crystals decorate the statue of Minnie, who is wearing her signature polka-dot dress and bow. If you think your wallet can handle it, they sell for $8,900 each. Both will be a Limited Edition of 100 and comes with a COA and its own premium blue suitcase.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica July Calendar

The Jessica July Calendar pin was released at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store on July 12th. A usual quarter shot of Jessica Rabbit is on the front of the calendar. The background is a red glitter fill. Jessica's original signature is on the right of the pin. There is also the "2013" below that. The inside shows Jessica Rabbit celebrating the 4th of July. Jessica is in white gloves and a dress with a blue top with white stars and bottom with red and white stripes. She is holding a sparkler. The background behind Jessica is red and yellow stars, and fireworks embossed in the metal showing in the clear blue glitter fill. The bottom half has the month of July printed on, the days of the week, and the full dates for the month - made like an actual calendar. Fourth of July is indicated with a star on the calendar. The pins sold for $16.95 each and are a Limited Edition of 300. As always, this was a surprise release with no set scheduled date known to the public.

By now, most comments about the pins have been fairly negative - I don't think it's needed to be mentioned that this is obviously an ongoing and monthly series. I'm not sure if people are displeased with the designs (many aren't happy that the front of the calendar will bear the same image) or are not impressed with the idea of this series all together.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pin Preview - Hidden Mickey 2013 Collection

The new Hidden Mickey Park Pins have been revealed for this year, featuring a bunch of colorful and fun new sets. One set, called the Patriotic Disney Characters, will include Jessica Rabbit. The pins is a red, white and blue shield with Jessica right up front and center and of course the small Mickey head icon. This Jessica pin design will also be in another special "chaser" pin set, which will be the more rare and hard-to-find pins of the group, all of which are created in sliver. Stay on the look out for these new collections at Disney Pin locations around the parks in late July. When you purchase $30 or more at a pin spot, you can buy a Hidden Mickey pin for $1, or you can trade your pins with other guests in the parks.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica Baseball

Released on Saturday July 6th at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store was the Baseball Series, featuring Chip and Dale, Jessica Rabbit, Stitch, and Cheshire Cat. Jessica is standing against a baseball field with two bats on either side. She is wearing a red and white striped baseball jersey, and short red skirt while holding a baseball bat. The grass of the baseball field is a clear green fill. The pins are a Limited Edition of 300 and sold for $12.95 each.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Roger Rabbit Panel At Comic Con 2013

To read the discussion and view video of the panel - CLICK HERE

You read that right - at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con there will be a panel called Making Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary. The official breakdown of the panel from Comic-Con states:

"The making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is revealed with a world class panel of animators led by legendary producer Don Hahn and featuring a special appearance by the voice of Roger Rabbit himself, Charles Fleisher. The panel includes animation masters Andreas Deja and James Baxter, animator/writer/historian Tom Sito, and special effx wizard Dave Bossert, along with incredible clips and stories from the making of this classic film."

The panel will be on Friday July 19, 2013 5:45pm - 6:45pm. You can also check the Comic-Con Schedule for the full list of events and happenings.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coming Soon - Roger and Jessica Rabbit Painted Statue at D23

Disney artist Costa Alavezos will be at the upcoming D23 Convention in August signing the new Jessica and Roger Rabbit medium figure. Costa personally tweeted this photo, and says that the first 50 statues will be the special Limited Edition version in bronze. The rest of the statues will be this color version, standing at 14 inches tall and will sell for $95 each. So if you are headed to D23 this year, don't forget your opportunity to meet Costa and pick up this fantastic statue.