Sunday, February 20, 2005

NEW Jessica "Biker" shirt and Surf Shack hat

Brand NEW from Disney World is the Jessica's Choppers T-Shirt. This brown shirt has Jessica outlined in dark brown on the left side length of the shirt wearing an outfit much like Daisy Duke. In the center is a silver dagger topped off with a red heart. The letter J and C are on each side and a yellow ribbon wraps around the dagger which says "Jessica's Choppers" with "Get you motor runnin'" underneath. It sells for $19.00.

There is also a Jessica Surf Shack hat for sale, which matches the T-shirt that was released last year, also selling for $19.00.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Jessica at the Tower of Terror pin, Benny spinner pin and more

Now on Disney Auctions website is the Jessica Seated LE 500 pin. Very similar to the Jessica 6 pin set released over the summer, Jessica is a little more flirtatious in this pose and it looks like a great pin.

Released on February 7th is the Jessica and Roger Jumbo Valentine pin. This is definitely a great pin. It comes in its own box, is 3 layers, Jessica's dress is glittered and is now going for a lot on eBay.

Coming soon is the Benny the cab spinner pin. Jessica, Roger and Benny try to escape the Boss Weasel in this brand new spinner pin.

Also coming soon is a pin from the Memories 2005 collection of Jessica at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride - yes you heard right - Jessica at the Tower of Terror! This pin is scheduled to be released in Disneyland on Feb. 13th.