Monday, November 3, 2014

Custom Jessica Rabbit Gifts - Masks By Pirates Quarters

I've happened across so many great artists who have created custom Jessica Rabbit pieces for sale that I want to pass on their information to you - in case you're looking for a gift for yourself, or for the Jessica fan who seems to have it all by now.

A few years ago I came across fantastic a artist, Denise of Pirates Quarters, selling custom made Disney inspired masks. I was incredibly impressed with her selection and how well they were made. I asked if she would be able to create a Jessica Rabbit mask for me - and she did! You can learn a lot more about her if you read this In The Spotlight article, which gives you a closer look at her talents and the creation of the Jessica Rabbit mask. She has been busily at work on new creations and isn't afraid to tackle your custom order. This is an amazing mask, and shows the depth of talent Denise possesses. If you are looking for something unique for a holiday gift, pay her Etsy store a visit today!

Custom Masks By Pirates Quarters