Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback Friday - Roger And Jessica Rabbit Markrita Statue

Markrita statues became the hot collectible around the turn of the Millennium. Husband and wife team Mark and Rita Dornan were making such statues based on movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Peter Pan. In 2001 they finally released a Who Framed Roger Rabbit piece, and it is a sight to behold. Read up on the great features of this beautiful statue: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #21 - Markrita Statue

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In The Spotlight - Custom Jessica Standees By Suspended Animation NY

For quite some time now I have been posting on custom Jessica Rabbit standees. When I finally received one I was immediately blown away. If you are looking for the perfect representation of Jessica Rabbit, Suspended Animation NY brings us some fantastic standees full of sparkle and curves. If you ever wanted to own a Jessica piece that looks straight out of the parks, here is your chance!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Custom Perler Bead Art

The creative work keeps flowing over at Etsy. Take a look at these fantastic creations by Madam Fandom, fit for fanboys and fangirls everywhere. There's something for everyone - including Jessica Rabbit fans! Using the ever popular (and fusable) Perler beads, some of the most cherished characters are recreated into ornaments, magnets and hair bows. Ghostbusters, Disney Villains, Dr. Who, Donkey Kong and more can be found if you simply visit the jam-packed Etsy Shop.

Visit Madam Fandom's Etsy Shop Today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday - Jessica Rabbit Hearts Pin Series

When Jessica Rabbit pins were at their peak, she started to become synonymous with holidays like Valentine's Day. After the release of a popular Jessica Rabbit 6-Pin set on Disney Auctions in 2004, another series was released on their new Purchase It Now Store. Jessica Rabbit pins were gaining in popularity, and the variation in designs kept customers happy. Take a look at this cute Valentine inspired series: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #30 - Disney Auctions P.I.N.S. Hearts Series

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Live Experience By Future Cinema

For the first time ever, the Ink and Paint Club is brought to life for a night of music, entertainment and cartoon craziness. Future Cinema in London has created a Who Framed Roger Rabbit live experience, with an evening full of dancing - and getting frisked! Not simply a movie screening, this presentation brings you into the world of Roger Rabbit via the Ink and Paint Club where you meet like likes of Eddie Valiant, Marvin Acme, Judge Doom, The Weasels - and Jessica Rabbit!

This is a fully immersive performance, where you can dress up to match the time period and even interact with the actors. Future Cinema is a live events company that specializes in creating a new way to experience your favorite films - with actors, set pieces and special effects. You truly get to live in your favorite movie for an evening.

These performances started on February 14th and will run through February 23rd. Tickets for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit performances are available through Future Cinema's website. You can also find out more details on their Facebook Page.

Check out this video from the live show
Future Cinema Presents Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pin Preview - Piece Of Disneyland History Update

The new Piece of Disneyland History pin series has started to be released with a different pin each month. The pins celebrate the history of Disneyland attractions, including the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride. On this pin, Jessica Rabbit is holding a mallet and tied up (after making her escape from the weasels from the end scene) and features a glitter filled dress - and a piece of Jessica Rabbit's spandex glove from the ride! The pin will be available in Disneyland locations, is a Limited Edition of 1500 and will sell for $15.95 each.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roger Rabbit Pop Vinyl Figures Revealed

The website nabbed this picture (and a whole lot more) of Funko's catalog of upcoming figures at the NY Toy Fair happening this week. Here for the first time is the Who Framed Roger Rabbit set of four characters - Jessica Rabbit, Smarty Weasel, toon Judge Doom (with squeaky shoe), and Roger Rabbit!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Flashback Friday - 2005 Valentine's Day Jessica Rabbit Jumbo Pin

By 2005, Disney Pins were starting to become a bit more expensive with the introduction of glitter fill, hinges, movement and multiple layers. Disney Auctions was constantly releasing Limited Edition 100 pins, and the first Jessica Rabbit 6-Pin set was a huge hit. Her pins showed no signs of slowing down and she became the #1 character to collect. Walt Disney World released a special Roger and Jessica Rabbit Valentine's Day pin on February 7, 2005. This was no ordinary pin, it was the first ever jumbo Jessica pin which came in it's own presentation box and was very detailed. Read more about this amazing Jessica Rabbit Valentine's Day pin: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #27 - 2005 Valentine's Day Jumbo

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Ink And Paint Club Opens Valentine's Day

The news of the Roger Rabbit screenings in the UK was bigger that I thought. Future Cinema in London is presenting several performances of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit film. So, this is no ordinary screening. Future Cinema is a live events company that specializes in creating a new way to experience your favorite films - with actors, set pieces and special effects. Their extremely stunning performance of Ghostbusters included the famous dining room set up on stage, lights and effects, audience assistance, and a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You don't just watch a movie, you are immersed in that world and become part of it.

So what is planned for the Roger Rabbit performance? As of now we do know that the theater they are performing at will be set up like the Ink and Paint Club, so there's no doubt this will be a show worth seeing for yourself! These performances will start on February 14th and run through the 23rd. Tickets for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit performances are available through their website. You can also find out more details on their Facebook Page.

Take a look at some of what happened during the Ghostbusters performance.
Future Cinema Presents Ghostbusters

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is Mariah Carey Drawing Inspiration From Jessica Rabbit

At the 2014 BET Honors on Saturday, February 8th, Mariah Carey made eyes pop and jaws drop when she appears atop a black piano to sing one of her new songs. According to the NY Daily News, she wore and extremely low cut black dress and long black gloves, while holding a vintage microphone. The internet starting buzzing when the photos surfaced, and people couldn't help but compare her, yet again, to Jessica Rabbit. Take a look for yourself and see the side-by-side comparison below. One can't help but wonder if Mariah Carey is influenced by Jessica Rabbit's style. The BET Honors show will air on February 24th.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roger And Jessica Rabbit Merchandise From Japan

It's the stuff Jessica Rabbit Dreams are made of to see a display like this in any Disney park. Jessica had quite a run during 2006-2007 in the US, Paris and also Tokyo. A wide variety of Jessica Rabbit merchandise was released in Tokyo Disneyland at that time, such as notepads, folders, pens, pencils, business card holders and metal bookmarks. This lot is very hard to find now, but was the first of it's kind in a very long time. Not since the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988 and the days of the Jessica Rabbit store has there been as big of a display of her merchandise all together, especially pens and paper.

The selection was quite interesting, with most of the merchandise printed with or on a shiny material. There were also glitter filled elements such as the hanging charms on the metal bookmark, pens and mechanical pencils. Though the art is of familiar poses, all of it looks to be re-drawn or updated, giving us some slightly new art of her.

Take Jessica Rabbit on the go - to keep track of your most important dates and affairs. In 2010 the Strapya company in Japan released a series of calendar datebooks with characters like Alice in Wonderland, Chip and Dale, and Jessica Rabbit. She was certainly an interesting selection to mix in with those other characters, but definitely had a market. It appears there might have been two different variations in design, one with Jessica's famous over-the-shoulder look and the second one being a close-up. Though both images are of poses we have seen before, much like the Tokyo Disneyland artwork, it looks like the art has been refreshed and updated a little. None of these Jessica datebooks have ever shown up on the second hand market, so it's hard to know if they were ever even released.

The last two items are of Benny the Cab's cousin, Lenny - and Roger himself! Roger Rabbit had not gotten as much love as Jessica in the merchandising department for a long time. Takara Tomy released a series of Beans dolls with an array of different Disney characters, which included Roger. There has not been a plush Roger doll in the US for some time. The last one before this was from Disneyland Paris which featured Roger covered in Jessica's kiss marks. The Lenny the Cab toy is made by Tomica and is an exact replica of the Car Toon Spin ride vehicle. It has actual wheels that work on the bottom, and the details all match those exactly from the ride - right down to the "Lenny" license plate. Both were released in 2013 and pop up on eBay occasionally. This is all a great grouping of merchandise for Who Framed Roger Rabbit - and is something we need to see more of in the US.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday - Roger And Jessica Rabbit Valentine Cards

Would you like to send a special Valentine's Day greeting to your sweetheart? Check out the Jessica Rabbit Valentine cards that were available way back when the movie was released. - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Roger and Jessica Rabbit Valentine's Day Cards

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disney Infinity To Expand

Disney Infinity folds collecting into game play with the use of character figures and collectible discs, which are used on the game console to unlock different features. Infinity has proven to be a big success, and now GamesIndustry International is reporting that Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger confirmed there would be much more on the way for the Infinity gaming platform, even hinting that they would start including some of their bigger characters. This announcement comes after reviewing Disney's 2013 earnings, which showed a big increase in revenue from parks, movies and Disney's interactive gaming division.

Iger went on to say, “These results reflect the strength of our unprecedented portfolio of brands, a constant focus on creativity and innovation, and the continued success of our long-term strategy." Iger continued, "What that game proves to us is the strength of that platform - basically the game-play itself which was great, and the fact that Disney characters, Disney intellectual property could work on that platform, so that's a big deal. So what's next of course is, new iterations of that, a 2.0 or 3.0 and mining a broader set of our more popular characters."

While Disney Infinity has become extremely popular with young and old alike, it has not gone unnoticed that the stable of playable characters are more modern. Characters from Frozen, Tangled, Cars, Monsters University, The Incredibles and the live action adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean are all included; while classic or modern/classic characters have not been as of yet. A special Sorcerer Mickey character was introduced and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is one such modern/classic character to be included and has proven to be popular, fitting right in to the mix of other faces. It seems Disney was awaiting reactions before including the more familiar characters to the game, but are now about to bring many more in. There have been many character names kicked around on people's "want list", including Roger and Jessica Rabbit. I think they would be a great addition, however, there is a long list ahead of them when you factor in Star Wars and Marvel as legit Disney characters now. Either way Infinity sets sail to expand with a new selection of characters in the future.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sketch Dailies Jessica Rabbit Fanart

Sketch Dailies made Jessica Rabbit one if their topics a few days ago, involving people all over twitter to sketch out their version of the classic cartoon redhead. Check out the ImNotBad twitter feed for all the great submissions.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disney Fairies Designer Collection

Disney has thrown a curve-ball in what has been one of their most successful doll lines, the Designer Collection. It was recently learned that the Disney Fairies Designer Collection was spotted in several Disney Stores to be put on Display soon in conjunction with the new movie, The Pirate Fairy. The Disney Store Buzz Blog confirmed the release, and is doing something a little different in that this isn't a whole collection, at least so far. There are two dolls schedule to be released in stores on February 18th and online the 19th, Tinker Bell and the new pirate fairy character, Zarina. Each doll will be a Limited Edition of 4000 and sell for $59.99 each.

They come packages as all the previous Designer Collection dolls with minor changes to the packaging details, this time including the case. There's now much speculation as to what Disney's future plans are with the Designer Collection, including what collection, if any, will be released in the fall. Tink now joins the list of characters who were in demand for a Designer Collection makeover, leaving the list of wants shortening each year. Disney's newest royalty, Anna and Elsa, along with Merida (in spite of the uproar over her makeover last year) are wanted in some sort of Designer Collection.

Other names often mentioned are Megara from Hercules, Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Wendy from Peter Pan, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and of course Jessica Rabbit! It's also interesting to note that people want to see even lesser known and merchandised characters like Kida from Atlantis and Jane from Tarzan. Since Disney was able to include the Princes, there are several male villains people would like to see in some type of collection as well. Hopefully the Designer Collection keeps its legs and brings us a wider assortment of characters.