Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the ghouls of Toontown. Let's have a good 'ol cartoony Halloweenie party with candy inspired by our friends Roger and Jessica Rabbit. What can we have? Lets see...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica Rabbit Salute

The popular Jessica Rabbit Salute shirt design is now in pin form. This pin was schedule to be released in Disney World and Disneyland on October 31st but it is showing up on eBay - as always you must be careful when purchasing any pins from there as there are many counterfeits and scrapper pins being sold. This is an Open Edition Pin, selling for $9.95 and features Jessica Rabbit and the Salute banner from the shirt. The pin also features movement in Jessica's left arm so she can salute!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney's Festival Of The Masters Event

Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney welcomes the 2013 Festival of the Masters event. Held on November 8 - 10, this outdoor event will feature Disney Imagineers, Disney Design Group artists and Disney-inspired artists for special appearances and signings. You can check the calendar of events for all days HERE.

Scheduled to appear are noted Jessica Rabbit artists Tim Rogerson, Darren Wilson and Costa Alavezos - along with many more artists celebrated Disney artists.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pin Preview - Merry Mistletoe Jessica And Roger Rabbit

Coming to Disneyland on December 12th will be the Merry Mistletoe Jessica and Roger Rabbit pin. The pin is a slider so that you can move Roger over for a smooch with Jessica under the mistletoe. There are several layers here, the purple banner below is the top layer which has Merry Mistletoe 2013 printed in white, then the Roger Rabbit slider layer (note that Roger's eyelid is not filled in here, hopefully that will be fixed for the final release), and the last layer is Jessica Rabbit surrounded by a wreath with purple ornaments. Jessica is wearing a red glitter dress with white trim and Christmas hat to match. The pins are a Limited Edition of 1500 and will sell for $14.95 each.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Walter Windchill Interviews Jessica Rabbit

The gossip guru of Toontown returned bringing us interviews with Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant - and now Jessica Rabbit herself. Have a read at some of the questions, and discombobulations, Mr. Windchill had for Jessica:

Toontown Through a Keyhole: Walter Windchill Interviews Jessica Rabbit!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #64 - Sketchbook Ornament

The Roger and Jessica Rabbit Sketchbook Ornament was released in August of 2013. Part of a new series featuring several beloved Disney characters, this ornament is the very first ever of Roger and Jessica together. It is also the first Jessica Rabbit ornament in ten years. From the preview photos, all the glitz and glitter of Jessica's dress while she's holding an enamored Roger, made this seem like a must-have. However, this ornament isn't without its flaws. Read on to find out all the issues.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ask Gary Wolf Anything

Have you wanted to ask the creator of the rabbit himself, Gary Wolf, all the in's and out's and up's and down's of writing? The here and there and everywhere of the Roger Rabbit universe? Well guess what Toontowners, he's doing a Reddit AMA today at 1 p.m. (EST). So Toon in and ask away.

Gary Wolf - Ask Me Anything

And Don't Forget:
The Who Wacked Roger Rabbit Facebook page is in full toon swing with contests, activity and information. This particular contest is for all the Jessica Rabbit cosplayers, wanna be's and look-a-likes.

"Okay, all you Jessica Rabbit Fan Gals...get ready to show us your best Jessica!!! That's right, a Jessica Rabbit Look-a-Like contest. So get that red dress and camera ready and watch for details! Don't forget--vote, vote, vote! The contest ends October 22nd!"

Check out the Who Wacked Roger Rabbit Official Facebook page and remember to check often for the latest contests and info.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Custom String Doll Key Chain

Over at Hot Topic, a group of Disney String Dolls were released - Pocahontas, Mulan, Jasmine, Alice, Peter Pan, Stitch, Tinker Bell, Ariel and Aladdin. As usual, there's always someone missing out of the line up. Although, a talented Etsy artist MyGameOfDolls has made the perfect fix to this problem - with a custom Jessica Rabbit String Doll. It looks like it fits in perfectly with the Disney line. Click Here to check it out for yourself.

Disney String Dolls by Hot Topic

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Custom Christmas Standee

SuspendedAnimationNY has done it again, creating custom pieces out of memorable Jessica Rabbit art. Here is the new Jessica Rabbit Christmas 23 inch standee. Based off of one of her most famous Christmas pins of Jessica holding a Christmas gift. It stands a full 23" tall and features a vibrant red glitter dress and shoes with white trim. Christmas comes early this year. Check it out now at SuspendedAnimationNY's Etsy Page.

See More Art By SuspendedAnimationNY

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pin Release - DCL Halloween Jessica Rabbit

Released on September 26th 2013 on the Disney Cruise Line is the Halloween Jessica Rabbit Pin. Jessica is dressed as a mermaid and holding a sack of candy. She is sitting on a big rock wearing a shell top and a mermaid tail. The tail is filled with a clear green and Jessica is the top layer of the pin. On the second layer you can see some of the ocean, the cruise ship and the moon. Inside the moon there is the Disney Cruise Line logo and Halloween 2013. The back of the pin has a numeric code stamp. It sold for $11.95 and is a Limited Edition of 1000.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Me And Jessica Rabbit

I started reporting on Jessica Rabbit news and merchandise over ten years ago - and naturally my love for the character has existed ever since I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in theaters way back in 1988. It's always fun to let people know what new and exciting merchandise is on the way, or any Disney park surprises that happen - though I never do share any information about myself. This site is about Jessica Rabbit, and I've never felt the need to delve into personal issues or stories - but the good people at Musa Publishing (who will be bringing us Gary Wolf's third Roger novel Who Wacked Roger Rabbit) had a lot of questions for me. So, if there are any long-term readers and you had any burning desire to know more about me, this site and my love of all things Jessica Rabbit, have a read of my interview by Musa Publishing.

Tell us about yourself and — how and why did you start it?
I've always loved art and animation ever since I was a kid. It impressed me that people were drawing those characters. I enjoyed watching the process of that as well - the behind the scenes stuff. I loved art, and drawing. I would often copy what I would see in a picture or on TV and try to match it as close as I could. I still do art, traditionally or digitally. I created my first ever Jessica Rabbit custom doll. I never painted before and it came out better than I expected.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Academy Tribute To Richard Williams

On October 4th 2013, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences payed tribute to one of the most legendary animators of our time, Richard Williams. He was Animation Director on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and his body of work is both very extensive and impressive.

Here is an article about the evening, including photos:
FLIP: The Richard Williams Tribute at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

To see more photos from the event - Click Here

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica Rabbit As Villains Series

On October 5th 2013, the Jessica Rabbit As Villains series was released at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store. As Ursula Jessica Rabbit is wearing a long dress with one leg showing and the dress ending in purple tentacles. There is also a big ocean wave behind her which is a second layer. As Maleficent, Jessica is holding the magic staff and wearing horns and long flowing black and purple robes. There are also the stone wings from Maleficent's throne behind her as the second layer. The surprise release was Jessica As the Queen of Hearts. She is wearing a crown, red and black gown, and holding a heart shaped fan. The second layer is a queen of hearts card. As Cruella De Vil, Jessica is dressed in the familiar fur coat and holding a purse and long cigarette in one hand. She has a black dress and also the signature black and white hair - though the style of the hair is Jessica's and not Cruella's crazy look. Perdita and Pongo are the second layer of the pin. They sold for $16.95 and are a Limited Edition of 400 each. Different versions of Jessica as Maleficent, Ursula and Queen of Hearts had been previously released through the Disney Store.

To see previous Jessica Rabbit Halloween pins - Click Here.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica Rabbit Lanyard Set

This morning was full of Surprise Jessica Rabbit pins at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store. On Saturday October 5th 2013, a special Jessica Rabbit Lanyard set was released. There are four pins that come with the lanyard, two of each. One design is Jessica sitting at the Disney Soda Fountain table on a bar stool and sipping a drink. This pin has an error in that Jessica's right arm glove is colored the same as her dress instead of purple. The second pin is Jessica dressed in a DSF uniform. She's wearing a short red dress with hat and white apron, holding ice cream. The lanyard itself is red with a white stripe. This was a surprise pin release. Each set sold for $32.95 and are a Limited Edition of 150.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Art By Miss Mindy

When wonder and wishes and whimsy collided, the world created Miss Mindy. Now, Miss Mindy is creating wondrous works of her own featuring some of Disney's most memorable characters. Snow White, Evil Queen and Ariel have been fantastically recreated as a Miss Mindy signature sculpture, with ornate miniature details and lights. Nestled inside each is a tiny scene from the movie - Snow white has the Seven Dwarfs cottage, Evil Queen has the Magic Mirror, and Ariel has Ursula. There have also been other characters like Bo Peep and Minnie Mouse.

As if her talents didn't speak for themselves, take a look at this hand-crafted, artfully engineered Wonderland Chess Set, a combined effort by Miss Mindy and Ahab's Shipyard which debuted at D23 2013. It is a one-of-a-kind piece using elements of both Lewis Caroll and Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland. If you look closely, there are 32 highly detailed and customized 3 inch and Jr. Vinylmation figures by Mindy. Using the Vinylmation figure as the base, each one is hand pained and redecorated to fit the topsy-turvy theme of Wonderland.

The board, by Ahab's Shipyard, combines pine and bass woods with resin, stone and synthetic turf. I suppose if you're going to play Wonderland Chess, you should expect no less than the level of this creation.

Starting October 4, 2013, Miss Mindy will be the Artist in Residence at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disneyland District on October 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26 from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30p.m. each day. She has created several new 3 inch Vinylmation figures titled 13 Little Haunts, all of them hand painted and embellished with sculpture and glow-in-the-dark paint. Each is a one-of-a-kind figure and will sell for $250.00. As an especially haunting surprise, there is only one number “13” design, up for grabs to the first moral who gets their hands on it!

Could a Jessica Rabbit statue ever be possible? Well, Mindy is naturally drawn to redheads, and has stated that Jessica could make an excellent addition to the series.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Custom Trinket Boxes

It's never too soon to start holiday shopping - or maybe you are the Jessica Rabbit collector who has everything. Suspended Animation NY has created a new Jessica Rabbit Trinket Box, perfect for storing your most valuable possessions. This is a fully handmade custom piece, with the striking and familiar form of Jessica Rabbit on the lid.

"The box shows Jessica in her classic pose and Jessica sealed her signed gift to you with a kiss! The side of the box is covered in an embossed cardstock design chosen in the colors of Jessica's gloves and shoes. A line of glitter seals the top of the lid to the side. This piece is very elegant and soooo HOLLYWOOD! Three more kisses surround the perimeter of the box. This round trinket box stands at 5" tall when empty and has 2 more inches to grow when packed with your items and keepsake treasures. The diameter is 10 inches across."

To buy the Jessica Rabbit Trinket Box - Click Here

To see all items by Suspended Animation NY - Click Here

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica October Calendar

The Surprise Jessica Rabbit October Calendar Pin was released on Friday, September 28th at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio store. This is indeed a surprised as it is the second Jessica Calendar pin in September, making it an early release as well. There may be big Jessica pin surprises in October so keep checking here. The front background image has an orange glitter fill. Jessica's original signature is on the right of the pin. There is also the "2013" below that and the usual half shot of her. The inside shows Jessica Rabbit dressed as a witch for Halloween with a long black gown, hat, gloves and boots. She is on a broom, flying through the air with a jack-o-lantern in tow. The background is a black glitter fill and you can see wisps of wind around her. The calendar portion is printed on the bottom half. Halloween is indicated with a pumpkin on the calendar. The pins sold for $16.95 each and are a Limited Edition of 300. As always, this was a surprise release with no set scheduled date known to the public.