Saturday, April 24, 2010

Disney Pirate Bottle Pin Set and More

This set is sure to sell out fast. Disney Characters as Pirates (in a set) always seem to sell out the same morning of release. This set shows Tink, Stitch, Chip and Dale, Cheshire Cat, Mickey Mouse, and Jessica Rabbit dressed as pirates. The bottle will be dimensional plastic, and I am pretty sure this is a first for that other than using that type of dome in the Disney Piece Of History park pins line - which has not featured Jessica so far.

*UPDATE* - as of four days after its release, the Pirate Bottle set was still available. Guess you never know which set is going to be an instant sell out

The only big catch for Disney on-line pins - you don't know when the set will be released. New pins come out every Monday at midnight (3 a.m. eastern time !) and if you are not lucky enough to stay awake each week, often the sets will sell out fast, some in under TEN minutes, like the LE 100 Screen Legends Jessica Rabbit set, which many people were not able to get - including me. This has been one of the main problems and complaints about the site, causing a lot of speculation such as; how many people working for Disney get knowledge of pin releases, how are the pins selling out so fast, AND, why are people allowed to list the pins for sale on eBay the same morning of release - sometimes over triple the price!

Even with limiting the number of LE 100 sets a customer can buy to only 3,

the Jessica Rabbit Screen Legends set somehow sold out in less than ten minutes.

There is also a Disney Train Set to be released featuring Jessica Rabbit with Roger AND Benny The Cab.

But perhaps on everyones want list is the Steampunk Jessica Rabbit pin. I'm not sure what started the whole "steampunk" thing, but we at least get a cool new look for Jessica.

Jessica Rabbit Tonner Doll Release Delay

Disney Showcase Collection Jessica Rabbit Tonner Doll

The Jessica Rabbit doll by Tonner, originally scheduled for release in March, was pushed back to April. Now it appears that the release is pushed back again until May. There is no news as to why so far.

On a side note - even though the doll by Tonner looks amazing, I added an aleration to it that I made in Corel to show Jessica looking like even closer to how she did in the movie.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jessica's Dressing Room Deleted Scene

Here are two stills from The Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, showing a few seconds of Eddie snooping around Jessica's dressing room. It looks like it was to be a longer part of what has been called The Pig Head Sequence. On the DVD version, Eddie breaks into Jessica's dressing room through a window. As he climbs inside, he falls - and is quickly beat up as he is on the ground. We can't see by who but we presume from hearing the patter of the feet it was the weasels. Eddie gains his composure to give chase, but it stopped by Bongo the Gorilla. When he wakes up, he is facing Judge Doom and then Jessica.

The photos below are from footage that was Not released on the Special Edition DVD. We do not get to see Eddie actually snooping around Jessica's dressing room at all on that deleted scene - so there had to be more to it.

For some reason I think that it was supposed to be Jessica who hit Eddie on the back with a chair to knock him to the ground after he snooped around her dressing room, but when he falls into the window it is already cut to him on the floor. You can see bits of the broken chair on the floor during his heated argument with Jessica in the DVD scene.

Friday, April 9, 2010

House of Mouse

Disney's House of Mouse cartoon show originally aired from 2001 to 2003. The show focused around Mickey Mouse and his friends runnnig a night club resturant called the "House of Mouse" in downtown Toontown.

All of the Disney characters make cameos, except for Roger and Jessica sadly. But, Benny the Cab did stop in for two episodes. The first was entitled Max's New Car, which featured Goofy's son Max (also the valet for the House of Mouse) trying to show his father that he is responsible enough to drive a car of his own. Goofy is seen serving up some oil to Benny in the beginning, and later giving a lift to the Aristocats.

The other episode is Mickey vs Shelby. Ms. Turtle wants her baby in one of the acts, and leaves Mickey in charge of him. When they finally get Shelby on stage, he freezes. To which Bambi says "He looks like a deer in the headlights." Then we see Benny saying "Oops. Sorry!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Park Photos - Walt Disney World

Disney's MGM Studios


This Maroon Studios sign was breifly on display during the early days of the MGM Studios opening.


Disney's Hollywood Studios


The Maroon Studios sign is still displayed near Echo Lake in Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios).

Jessica Rabbit Diet Coke Commercial

From 1988, The Jessica Rabbit Diet Coke Commercial.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles and Jessica Rabbit

This was a question posted (not by me) to Sideshow Collectibles on March 29th 2010:

Any chance of a Jessica Rabbit Premium Format [Figure]?

Hubba hubba, we want one too! Sorry, that’s a vague answer, but we will lend the idea our support – she’ll need support, and lots of it – not to get made, but to stay… up! ;-)

Sideshow Collectibles is known for its statues and replicas; using characters from Marvel, Star Wars - and now Disney!

The Premium Format Figure line is becomeing something they are well known for. Created by master artists and paying close attention to detail using real fabric costumes and other elements, a figure can seel for around $300.00. There had been rumor of a Jessica figure in the future. Save your pennies! Here are some examples:

The Making Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Here are some stills from two different specials - Roger Rabbit and The Secrets of Toon Town and The Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Roger Rabbit and The Secrets of Toon Town was hosted by Joanna Cassidy, who played Dolores in the movie

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lily Allen's Jessica inspired video

Check out this video by Mark Ronson and singer Lily Allen entitled Oh My God, which was inspired by Jessica Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbit Inspiration & Impersonations

NOTE: These characters will eventually be all moved to the Jessipedia page.

There have been several times another character has done an impersonation of (or became a copy of) Jessica. Here are just a few.

Jasmine from Aladdin King of Thieves

The Red Head from Mother Goose's Rock 'n' Rhyme

Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons

Lily Allen from music video for Oh My God

Queen Tyr'ahnee, The Martian Queen from Duck Dodgers

Miss Vavoom from Droopy, Master Detective

Gspltsnz from Superman

Rachael Ray from The Rachael Ray Show