Thursday, December 8, 2005

Roger and Jessica Rabbit Big Figure Prototype

Both the regular version and prototype (which was slightly different) of the Roger and Jessica Rabbit Big Figure statue have shown up. They were only available on the Disney Auctions site. The prototype had ad very small edition size, while the regular was a Limited Edition of 250.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Jessica - All Dressed Up, New Years pin

Now available is the Jessica Rabbit, All dressed up - New Years pin. She is number one in a set of five (but actually six). Along with Jessica is Lilo and Stitch, Cruella and her henchmen, Mickey and Minnie, Tinker Bell and Edna Mode.

Each pin features glitter accents and special crystals.

Jessica is all dressed up and ready to ring in the new year with upswept hair and purple glittered dress and gloves. She sits on a bar stool with her purse swung over it and one leg out on the other. She wears a special jeweled bracelet.

They are limited editions of 500 and free shipping is available on all pins on Mondays.

Friday, November 25, 2005

And the Jessica Rabbit pins keep on coming!

As 2005 comes to a close soon - the next month brings us still more Jessica pins. The Fifties Roger and Jessica pin auction has ended at a hefty $60, but remember, this pin was actually part of a set of pins including other characters. Only 100 of these pins exist and an even lower number of 25 of them were released separate from the set.

The Jessica and Roger Cabaret is a Jumbo and glittered pin and is currently on Disney Auctions and is also limited to 100.

A Jessica Rabbit Pave Crystal pin was released this week on Jessica's dress is flowing and is adorned with several pink pave crystals. I don't think this is a Limited Edition and it's selling for a very good price.

Coming soon to Disney Auctions is a unique pin of Roger and Jessica in the cockpit of an airplane. Roger is behind the wheel and Jessica is dresses as a flight attendant with food tray in hand.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Naughty or Nice Christmas Pin - sort of

Finally, one of the pins Jessica fans have been waiting for will be released - sort of. While the pin does not say "Have You Been Naughty or Nice" it will have that famous pose of Jessica from her Christmas Ornaments. Disneyland will be offering a new holiday pin series this year and one of the "beloved" character pins available will be Jessica in a pin shaped like an ornament which says, "Seasons Greetings 2005; Love, Jessica" With a kiss on it and Jessica in her Naughty or Nice pose. There is a dangle attached that says "Disneyland Resort."

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Mainstream Jessica Rabbit

Are cats and dogs living with each other yet? It looks as if the moment some of us have feared and others anticipated is close at hand.

Jessica Rabbit: Mainstream Disney character

Can it be true? Is it really happening? Will we be spending money we shouldn't on even more Jessica merchandise? I think the standing "hares" on the back of my neck point to yes.

Let's take a look at some important pieces of merchandise. The Jessica and Mickey Mouse shirt was released in World of Disney, New York. Jessica also appeared alongside Mickey's dog Pluto in a recent Halloween pin set. And last, but not least, an official Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume was released this year. Jessica is being reintroduced and recognized!

I tried to describe this possibility with a chain of similar events that happened to our beloved friend, and at the time pretty obscure, Jack Skellington. Do I even need to discuss the cash cow Tim Burton's "Nightmare" gang has become? A niche for these bizarre characters was found and one cannot deny they have become familiar Disney faces.

Monday, October 3, 2005

NEW Jessica Baseball and special Personalized pins and new art

Now up for bid on Disney Auctions website is the Baseball Roger and Jessica pin.

Roger is the catcher in his blue and white striped uniform. Jessica over home plate with bat in hand! She wears long pink socks and a white uniform with red glittered sleeves and stripe going down the side of her dress. She also has a red glittered hat. This is a limited edition of 100 oversized pins - with only 25 available separate and the other 75 as part of the Baseball set with such characters as Pluto and Tinker Bell.

The other pin coming soon to is the Toon Detective Tales personalized pin. Jessica is on the front cover of the "Toon Detective Tales - .10c" and below reads "In this issue - Shocking revelations about..." below there is a blank yellow space where you can have your name added.

Lastly, a high end, one-of-a-kind item has been listed on Disney Auctions. A framed paper art piece by Dave Avanzio. Jessica is framed in a shadow box with purple suede curtains parting. She has airbrushed features and a micro-bead and glittered dress and iridescent purple painted gloves.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Breaking News - Disney P.I.N.S. is closing it's doors!

Straight from the very popular Disney pin website,, news has broken Disney Auctions Purchase It Now Store (P.I.N.S.) will be shutting down on its second anniversary. On and after October 3rd, any pins can be purchased through Disney's website, now being called

I'm not sure what happened but I do know there have been a heck of a lot of complaints about DA PINS. Missing packages, wrong items and more common - the pin quality was going downhill fast. I certainly agree that the quality was lacking in a lot of pins. However, they did offer us much fun and many great Jessica pins.

The first being the 2004 Jessica and Roger Valentine pin. The most recent - and last unless there is one on Thursday, being the Eric Robison Jessica and Roger multilayer pin.

I think the best pin was actually the 6 pin set - it definitely was a big surprise and all 6 pins were the first glittered Jessica pins to be offered in the US. Jessica with the Christmas Gift, Jumbo 2005 Valentine and Jessica seated were also nicely done pins.

The worst by far is the Jessica Park Ranger badge shaped pin - lacking in good color and detail. The Jessica a la Andy Warhol, The Jumbo Jessica photo (because of the quality of my pin) and Close up Heart Shaped were also at the bottom of my list.

And the most interesting pin is the recent Jessica Golfing!

Make sure you place that last bid...

Goodbye DA PINS

Friday, September 9, 2005

NEW Jessica & Pluto Halloween Tombstone Pin Set

In an odd pairing (but I guess it's ok since it's Halloween) Jessica Rabbit is joined by Pluto in a special Tombstone pin set. There are six different sets: Donald and Tink, Dumbo and Eeyore, Minnie and Cheshire Cat, Oogie and Jack, Stitch and Goofy, and of course Pluto and Jessica. Each set comes with a small tombstone between the couple. There is a separate diorama display base with a haunted house backdrop you can buy that holds all of the tombstone sets. When displayed it looks like a haunted graveyard - a special Mickey pin is included with the display.

Each of the pins features characters getting into the Halloween spirit. Mickey is dressed as The Big Bad Wolf with a special mask that slides on and off. Donald is dressed as a vampire and Tink is having fun in a pumpkin full of candy. Dumbo is dressed as "SuperDumbo" and Eeyore is dressed as Pooh. Minnie is dressed as Donald and The Cheshire Cat has a Stitch mask. Oogie Boogie has a Jack mask and Jack himself has a mask of The Mayor. Stitch is dressed as a pirate and Goofy is dressed as a skeleton. Pluto is dressed as a sherif and Jessica holds a trick-or-treat pumpkin while getting spooked by scary bats.

Each pin is $14.95 and the Diorama base with pin is $39.95. The tombstone is sculpted resin and each is a very Limited Edition of 1000.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Nurses Association vs. Jessica - costume - Big Figure and more

One major reason Jessica and Roger were out of the picture for such a long time (as in no more movies, merchandise, etc) was because the film is co-owned by Steven Spielberg's company, Amblin Entertainment. We'll never know the real story but Eisner and Spielberg were not fond of each other and all work was stopped on the Roger sequel. The contract called for any and all merchandise to be jointly agreed on by both companies. So it would take forever to get something produced or have Spielberg agree - so Disney just didn't bother with the characters, UNTIL Jessica made a big mark as a top selling pin icon!

It really all began with the Aloha from Jessica pin released in early 2003. From then she was everywhere as a pin Diva, with two pins coming out a month. The next year other merchandise had followed; shirts, mugs, statues, towels - and here we are today, finally with your very own official Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume. Not sure what to make of all this but I'm not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

Getting to the Nurses Association - an unnamed author of wrote:
"At least 300 Nurses wrote to protest Disney's sultry Jessica Rabbit nurse pins..." "Within 48 hours of starting our campaign, Disney agreed to 'remove the pins from sale." "Therefore we are asking Disney to make amends to the profession by supporting activities to repair the harm that has been done to nursing's image."

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jessica Big Figure, NEW Halloween Costume and Baseball Cap

Three new items are being released at Disney Parks and on their Website. Photos of the Jessica Rabbit Big Figure have begun to show up, and the statue, which I believe is no smaller that 24", might be available by next month. Keep your eyes peeled.

A stunning new Jessica baseball cap was released. Jessica is embroidered on the entire from of this hat - it is a must see.

There were two new Halloween costumes introduced for this year - Roger and Jessica! Photos are in the new Disney catalog and on-line. This is the first time there has been an official Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume for sale to the public. There was an unreleased version of this costume on Disney Auctions in January of this year.

The Jessica Rabbit costume is a sparkly red dress and purple gloves. You can also get a red wig accessory. The description reads:

Jessica Rabbit Costume and Accessories

She's not bad, she was just drawn that way in our glittering satiny gown. Side slit. Slightly padded bodice. Back button and zipper. Includes long gloves. Wig sold separately. Dress 90% polyester/10% spandex. Wig olefin with polyester lining.

Imported. $79.50

Wig - $9.50

Friday, July 29, 2005

NEW Jessica pin coming to Disneyland

On August 12th there will be a new Jessica pin released in Disneyland. Jessica Rabbit strikes a pose in her glittered dress for this open edition pin which will retail for only $6.95.

Monday, June 20, 2005

4th of July and Beach Jessica pins

Now available on Disney Auctions is the DISNEY 4th of July BBQ ROGER & JESSICA LE Pin. This pin features Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman all decked out in their 4th of July best. Jessica wears a dress like the American Flag, complete with a top hat. She carries a basket of food to the BBQ as Baby Herman chews on corn of the cob. Roger is close by and uses chicken legs as real drumsticks. The blue background has fireworks around the trio. Although there are 100 of these pins, only 25 are listed separate, the other 75 are listed as part of the DISNEY 4th of July BBQ 6 pin set with Mickey Mouse & Pluto, Donald Duck with Chip 'n' Dale, Dopey, Tinker Bell and Lilo & Stitch pins.

The official DA description:
Roger and Jessica Rabbit join with Baby Herman in an updated homage to the Spirit of '76 on this striking gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 100 oversize pins and one in a series featuring our favorite characters at an Independence Day barbecue.

Coming soon to Disney World is the 3D Jessica Beach pin. Jessica is in a bikini and grass skirt, adorned with flowers. She stands on the beach next to her yellow surfboard with Roger's face on it. This will be an open edition pin.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Happiest Pin Celebration on Earth, more Jessica stuff to come?

The Happiest "Pin" Celebration on Earth will be held in Epcot on September 9th. The pin is entitled "Jessica and Roger - Show's Starting!" and is item #31.

The happiest show around is starting, and Jessica and Roger Rabbit can't wait! Roger slides back and forth while Jessica waits by the curtain. This pin will measure approximately 1.75" tall. Randy Noble from Disney Design Group created the artwork for this pin.

Available at: Walt Disney World® Resort
Released: 09/09/05
Edition Size: 750
SKU: 10990931
Retail Price: $10.95

Any new Jessica shirts can be ordered through Disneyland Deliverears or Disney World Guest Services. Their numbers are in our database section and photos can be seen in the 2005 photo gallery.

There haven't been as many Jessica pins lately and aren't many known yet in the future, which gives everyone's wallet a break, but lets hope there is more Jessica stuff to come. Stay Tooned!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Two NEW Jessica shirts and more pins released

Jessica keeps making her mark and this time on more than a mere pin.

New from Disney World (and also available at Disneyland) is the button-down Jessica beach shirt. Jessica stands on a sandy beach in a bikini and grass skirt holding a yellow surfboard with Roger's face on it!

And available only from Disneyland is the quite an awesome Big Peak Mountains button-down shirt. This kaki-green shirt has embroidered designs everywhere. Starting with the front, the left pocket design is an embroidered sunrise and states, "Trail Rides, Ranger Rabbit, Disneyland Resort." The left sleeve has a photo of Park Ranger Jessica fully embroidered in a triangle and says, "Trail Rides (above Jessica), Big Peak Mtns. National Park." The right sleeve is a cloth/embroidered star in an embroidered circle saying, "Big Peak Mtns. National Park, Wildlife Tours." The back is a 90% embroidered design of Park Ranger Jessica in front of a breathtaking nature scene. Trees, landscape and all are embroidered while Jessica's hair, shorts and sign are cloth and embroidered work. The sign reads, "Rides Daily, Care For A Lift? (with a outline of a horse)" Also fully embroidered is, "Trail Rides, Big Peak Mtns. National Park, Wildlife Tours."

But of course, there are some more pins on the way. Released on March 11th at Disneyland are three new designs. One is Jessica on stage with a microphone, which says, "One Night Only." The other is Jessica sitting on a piano and singing along with Roger playing. The last is Jessica in a glittered dress surrounded by flames!

Coming March 26th is the Jessica lanyard and pin set. There is still no photo of the real item except for the concept art of the pins. Like all lanyard kits, this may come with two of each pin, making that four pins (two to keep and two to trade).

There are other pins on the horizon with no character specified. Hmm, maybe a "Tax Day" Jessica pins is coming?

Sunday, February 20, 2005

NEW Jessica "Biker" shirt and Surf Shack hat

Brand NEW from Disney World is the Jessica's Choppers T-Shirt. This brown shirt has Jessica outlined in dark brown on the left side length of the shirt wearing an outfit much like Daisy Duke. In the center is a silver dagger topped off with a red heart. The letter J and C are on each side and a yellow ribbon wraps around the dagger which says "Jessica's Choppers" with "Get you motor runnin'" underneath. It sells for $19.00.

There is also a Jessica Surf Shack hat for sale, which matches the T-shirt that was released last year, also selling for $19.00.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Jessica at the Tower of Terror pin, Benny spinner pin and more

Now on Disney Auctions website is the Jessica Seated LE 500 pin. Very similar to the Jessica 6 pin set released over the summer, Jessica is a little more flirtatious in this pose and it looks like a great pin.

Released on February 7th is the Jessica and Roger Jumbo Valentine pin. This is definitely a great pin. It comes in its own box, is 3 layers, Jessica's dress is glittered and is now going for a lot on eBay.

Coming soon is the Benny the cab spinner pin. Jessica, Roger and Benny try to escape the Boss Weasel in this brand new spinner pin.

Also coming soon is a pin from the Memories 2005 collection of Jessica at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride - yes you heard right - Jessica at the Tower of Terror! This pin is scheduled to be released in Disneyland on Feb. 13th.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Jessica pins released on Disney Auctions - Valentine - Warhol - Ski

Over the next few months expect the Jessica Rabbit pin activity to pick up quite a bit. Like it or not, pin collecting is very much all the rage. It's still a mystery as to just who is on Jessica's side in the Pin Department over at Disney and why there is all this sudden interest in her - especially in pin form - but I'm not going to complain.

Just released today are the Jessica Artist Proof sets of the 6 pin set that was released a few months ago. Each 3 pin set is sold separately and there is only one of each set available.

A NEW design also released today is the Jessica and Roger Valentine 2005 pin. This is only Limited to 100 pins, is gold finished and oversized. Jessica opens her Valentine Card with Roger popping out of it to give her a big kiss - against a heart background. Sadly, this is not a Buy It Now pin, it's a regular bid. It's priced at $18 now but expect that to change as time drags on for this 10 day auction.

Coming soon is the Jessica and Roger Ski Lodge pin. Jessica and Roger take time out at a Ski Lodge, sitting on a big couch with their skis nearby, having a warm cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately Roger must have had an accident and is wrapped in bandages, but Jessica is in a fetching new Skiing outfit.

There is also an Andy Warhol inspired Jessica, with four panels of her in different colors and features glittering dresses on the way.

Last is a new Jessica sitting pin. This pin goes right along side of the 6 pin set released months ago and looks like it might be a continuation of that set. Jessica is sitting in a glittered dress in front of a pink square.

These other pins look to also be only limited to 100 and will be up for bid - not Buy It Now. Let the frenzy begin.

Also, there will be two Jessica pins released at the Chip and Dales Wild Wild West Pin Adventure on February 3rd, a Jessica Lanyard and pin set released in Disneyland Paris in March and a New Park Ranger Jessica released at the Disney Road Trip event on April 30th.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Official Disney Jessica costume, Jessica shirt with Mickey and more

For a short time on you can bid on the never released official Disney Jessica Rabbit costume! There are a few various sizes up for bid and indications state that this costume was originally planned to be released in Disneyland, but was not for an undisclosed reason.

Another new item can be found in the World of Disney in New York City. It's a black long sleeve shirt with a nice image of Jessica crossing the city streets with Mickey Mouse himself behind the wheel of a cab right in back of her. This is a first since Amblin and Disney both own the rights to the Roger Rabbit characters; there haven't been any items with other Disney characters together with the Roger characters, at least not since 1988. It looks at though it's only a woman's shirt but you might want to check on that. Jessica's dress has glittery accents to it and the whole design has an airbrushed look to it. Worth picking up!!!!

Jessica is also appearing on little girls clothing and in particular there is a shirt available in Disney World of Jessica in her Hawaiian outfit on the beach.

Monday, January 3, 2005

Jessica Heart series pin now available

It looks as if the Jessica Heart Pin series will have each of the four pins sold separately. The first is now for sale on

It's called "DISNEY PINS JESSICA RABBIT Facing Left LE 500"

Maroon Cartoon bombshell Jessica Rabbit graces this captivating gold-finished character pin, a Disney Auctions exclusive in a limited edition of 500 fixed-price pins, available only from Disney's Purchase It Now Store.

The other pins are sure to follow this Thursday and next Monday.

Also up for bid are the Artist Proof sets of Pin-A-Palooza Christmas Jessica and the upcoming Pin-A-Palooza Roger and Jessica. The bidding is huge for these items, especially Christmas Jessica, up to $500.