Saturday, September 27, 2003

New Jessica pins release dates

Coming in October will be two NEW Jessica Rabbit pins and one rerelease.

First is Jessica and Roger celebrating the lesser known holiday, Sweetest Day, October 18, 2003.

Sweetest Day, which began as a day to do good deeds for the underprivileged and forgotten, is now an occasion to celebrate the kind things people do for each other everyday. You can also give a gift to whoever you're "sweetheart" is. The Disney Sweetest Day Pin features Roger giving Jessica flowers who, in return, gives Roger a big kiss. It is a Limited Edition of 2000 and will retail at $8.50. This will be released in Walt Disney World on Saturday October 18.

Next is the NEW "Love, Jessica" pin. Jessica is in front of a glittered pink background and a raised "Love, Jessica" is next to her, making this a 3-D pin. Jessica's kissmark is nearby. Limited Edition Size of 2000 and will retail for $10.50. To Be Released in Disneyland on Wednesday October 22, 2003

Last is a RErelease of the Jessica, Patty Cake Lounge pin - Previously released in Disneyland - it will now be available in Disney World on October 27 and will retail for $6.50. This is an open edition pin.