Saturday, September 10, 2022

Pin Release - Jessica Rabbit Disney Studio Store Pins


Two new Jessica Rabbit pins were revealed in time for D23. The Pizza Series is a Limited Edition of 500 each and sells for $36. Jessica, from Old Hollywood Pizza, is in the center of the box wearing a chef hat and apron. It appears that half of the pizza is off to the right and may be a slider.

The second is the Hollywood Series Open Edition pin. It will also be available at the Disney Studio Store after D23. The pin says "Hollywood" off to the left and Jessica Rabbit stands to the right with her hands on her hips. Jessica's dress is glitter filled. They sell for $24 each.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Coming Soon - Roger Rabbit Funko POP!


Funko had a big reveal day recently and showed off a bunch of new figures on the way. These will be available at New York Comic Con in October but also through various other sites - this one in particular scheduled for at some point around the convention.

This new Roger Rabbit POP! has Jessica's kisses all over his bashful face. It will be part of the POP! Movies series (the first figure was part of the Disney series).