Friday, March 18, 2005

Two NEW Jessica shirts and more pins released

Jessica keeps making her mark and this time on more than a mere pin.

New from Disney World (and also available at Disneyland) is the button-down Jessica beach shirt. Jessica stands on a sandy beach in a bikini and grass skirt holding a yellow surfboard with Roger's face on it!

And available only from Disneyland is the quite an awesome Big Peak Mountains button-down shirt. This kaki-green shirt has embroidered designs everywhere. Starting with the front, the left pocket design is an embroidered sunrise and states, "Trail Rides, Ranger Rabbit, Disneyland Resort." The left sleeve has a photo of Park Ranger Jessica fully embroidered in a triangle and says, "Trail Rides (above Jessica), Big Peak Mtns. National Park." The right sleeve is a cloth/embroidered star in an embroidered circle saying, "Big Peak Mtns. National Park, Wildlife Tours." The back is a 90% embroidered design of Park Ranger Jessica in front of a breathtaking nature scene. Trees, landscape and all are embroidered while Jessica's hair, shorts and sign are cloth and embroidered work. The sign reads, "Rides Daily, Care For A Lift? (with a outline of a horse)" Also fully embroidered is, "Trail Rides, Big Peak Mtns. National Park, Wildlife Tours."

But of course, there are some more pins on the way. Released on March 11th at Disneyland are three new designs. One is Jessica on stage with a microphone, which says, "One Night Only." The other is Jessica sitting on a piano and singing along with Roger playing. The last is Jessica in a glittered dress surrounded by flames!

Coming March 26th is the Jessica lanyard and pin set. There is still no photo of the real item except for the concept art of the pins. Like all lanyard kits, this may come with two of each pin, making that four pins (two to keep and two to trade).

There are other pins on the horizon with no character specified. Hmm, maybe a "Tax Day" Jessica pins is coming?