Friday, August 5, 2011

Jessipedia - Angel Jones

Part of a new section to will be the Jessipedia page. Here, you will find many other characters who either borrowed from or inspired Jessica Rabbit's creation. First, we have:

Angel Jones from Fish Police

Angel is from the very short lived 1992 Hanna-Barbera cartoon Fish Police. The tv show was loosly based on a comic book that came out in the 80's - but the show didn't strike a note with many. The TV version of Angel was an exact copy of Jessica Rabbit. She even says to Fish City's Inspector Gil in the first episode, "I'm not bad, I just Smell that way." (Which was originally reedited as, "I'm not bad, I'm good. Very good!" when it was shown on CBS.) Angel worked as a singer in a nightclub called The Shell Shack and is suspected of murdering crime boss Clams Casino. JoBeth Williams supplied Angel's speaking and singing voice.