Friday, November 25, 2005

And the Jessica Rabbit pins keep on coming!

As 2005 comes to a close soon - the next month brings us still more Jessica pins. The Fifties Roger and Jessica pin auction has ended at a hefty $60, but remember, this pin was actually part of a set of pins including other characters. Only 100 of these pins exist and an even lower number of 25 of them were released separate from the set.

The Jessica and Roger Cabaret is a Jumbo and glittered pin and is currently on Disney Auctions and is also limited to 100.

A Jessica Rabbit Pave Crystal pin was released this week on Jessica's dress is flowing and is adorned with several pink pave crystals. I don't think this is a Limited Edition and it's selling for a very good price.

Coming soon to Disney Auctions is a unique pin of Roger and Jessica in the cockpit of an airplane. Roger is behind the wheel and Jessica is dresses as a flight attendant with food tray in hand.

Also on the way is the Jessica Christmas Ornament pin to Disneyland and another Christmas pin will be released as part of a a Surprise Christmas Gift pin set to The set will feature free standing pins of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto around the Christmas Tree. Each set will come with four gift boxes, each containing a pin. There are eight mystery pins in all and one is of Roger holding a Benny the Cab toy and getting a kiss from Jessica who is wearing her mini-skirt Christmas outfit.

Then, and finally, is a Pleasure Island pin featuring Jessica with her arms crossed leaning on a 2006. This is a Happy New Year pin and her purple gloves, earring and designs surrounding the 2006 and P.I. logo are glittered.

There is also word that a possible Jessica pin was released tonight at Disneyland Paris as part of their Pin trading night event. We'll wait and see.

Prices are also falling on the Jessica music box from They are also selling the Jessica snowglobe cheaper without the special Limited pin. There have been unauthorized, so I heard - and bought - pins being sold of this LE pin. The only official pin is from this snowglobe set, the background of the real pin is glittered.