Friday, September 9, 2005

NEW Jessica & Pluto Halloween Tombstone Pin Set

In an odd pairing (but I guess it's ok since it's Halloween) Jessica Rabbit is joined by Pluto in a special Tombstone pin set. There are six different sets: Donald and Tink, Dumbo and Eeyore, Minnie and Cheshire Cat, Oogie and Jack, Stitch and Goofy, and of course Pluto and Jessica. Each set comes with a small tombstone between the couple. There is a separate diorama display base with a haunted house backdrop you can buy that holds all of the tombstone sets. When displayed it looks like a haunted graveyard - a special Mickey pin is included with the display.

Each of the pins features characters getting into the Halloween spirit. Mickey is dressed as The Big Bad Wolf with a special mask that slides on and off. Donald is dressed as a vampire and Tink is having fun in a pumpkin full of candy. Dumbo is dressed as "SuperDumbo" and Eeyore is dressed as Pooh. Minnie is dressed as Donald and The Cheshire Cat has a Stitch mask. Oogie Boogie has a Jack mask and Jack himself has a mask of The Mayor. Stitch is dressed as a pirate and Goofy is dressed as a skeleton. Pluto is dressed as a sherif and Jessica holds a trick-or-treat pumpkin while getting spooked by scary bats.

Each pin is $14.95 and the Diorama base with pin is $39.95. The tombstone is sculpted resin and each is a very Limited Edition of 1000.