Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Breaking News - Disney P.I.N.S. is closing it's doors!

Straight from the very popular Disney pin website,, news has broken Disney Auctions Purchase It Now Store (P.I.N.S.) will be shutting down on its second anniversary. On and after October 3rd, any pins can be purchased through Disney's website, now being called

I'm not sure what happened but I do know there have been a heck of a lot of complaints about DA PINS. Missing packages, wrong items and more common - the pin quality was going downhill fast. I certainly agree that the quality was lacking in a lot of pins. However, they did offer us much fun and many great Jessica pins.

The first being the 2004 Jessica and Roger Valentine pin. The most recent - and last unless there is one on Thursday, being the Eric Robison Jessica and Roger multilayer pin.

I think the best pin was actually the 6 pin set - it definitely was a big surprise and all 6 pins were the first glittered Jessica pins to be offered in the US. Jessica with the Christmas Gift, Jumbo 2005 Valentine and Jessica seated were also nicely done pins.

The worst by far is the Jessica Park Ranger badge shaped pin - lacking in good color and detail. The Jessica a la Andy Warhol, The Jumbo Jessica photo (because of the quality of my pin) and Close up Heart Shaped were also at the bottom of my list.

And the most interesting pin is the recent Jessica Golfing!

Make sure you place that last bid...

Goodbye DA PINS