Saturday, September 3, 2005

Nurses Association vs. Jessica - costume - Big Figure and more

One major reason Jessica and Roger were out of the picture for such a long time (as in no more movies, merchandise, etc) was because the film is co-owned by Steven Spielberg's company, Amblin Entertainment. We'll never know the real story but Eisner and Spielberg were not fond of each other and all work was stopped on the Roger sequel. The contract called for any and all merchandise to be jointly agreed on by both companies. So it would take forever to get something produced or have Spielberg agree - so Disney just didn't bother with the characters, UNTIL Jessica made a big mark as a top selling pin icon!

It really all began with the Aloha from Jessica pin released in early 2003. From then she was everywhere as a pin Diva, with two pins coming out a month. The next year other merchandise had followed; shirts, mugs, statues, towels - and here we are today, finally with your very own official Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume. Not sure what to make of all this but I'm not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

Getting to the Nurses Association - an unnamed author of wrote:
"At least 300 Nurses wrote to protest Disney's sultry Jessica Rabbit nurse pins..." "Within 48 hours of starting our campaign, Disney agreed to 'remove the pins from sale." "Therefore we are asking Disney to make amends to the profession by supporting activities to repair the harm that has been done to nursing's image."

Executive Director Sandy Summers writes to Michael Eisner"
"I am writing to urge you to end the sale of Disney's Jessica Rabbit 2004 Nurses Week pin and to refrain from 'honoring' nurses in the future with such pins. The sexually suggestive Jessica Rabbit pin, which reinforces the harmful 'naughty nurse' stereotype that has long plagued our profession is not a good way to thank the skilled, hard-working nurses who are fighting a critical nursing shortage and associated short-staffing to save patients' lives." "In addition to retiring the Jessica Rabbit nurse pin, I encourage you to make amends to the nursing profession by supporting efforts to improve public understanding of the profession in a tangible way."

According to the Nursing Advocacy website, Secretary David K Thompson of the Disney Company responded:
"I hope you understand that no offense was intended in the release of the pin. Jessica Rabbit remains a very popular member of the Disney family of characters. Nonetheless, we understand your concern and have taken action to remove the pin from sale."

If people really believe that nurses are sultry, sexy playthings then shame on that person. They need to grow up because in reality, if you really need a nurses help, it isn't going to matter what they look like. It also annoys me that they assume that is a collective view of all nurses. I've asked nurses I know about the pin, and they are in no way offended at all. Beyond that they sure didn't bring attention to the fact not all nurses are female.

The association writes "...they would like the voluptuous Jessica as their nurse. They'd stand a good chance of dying, but what a way to go!"

'But what a way to go' huh? Well, they said it. That's actually what THEY wrote.

As for the NEW Jessica big figure - just got mine in the mail the other day. BROKEN! Yes she's pretty broken with a crack on each arm and her waist. I called Disney and they are sending a replacement right away. The damage can't been seen from afar but it's definitely bad enough and not acceptable. The Statue is gorgeous though and so very worth getting. It's selling for only $150 and worth every penny.

What's next to come for our beloved Jessica!?