Sunday, January 16, 2005

Official Disney Jessica costume, Jessica shirt with Mickey and more

For a short time on you can bid on the never released official Disney Jessica Rabbit costume! There are a few various sizes up for bid and indications state that this costume was originally planned to be released in Disneyland, but was not for an undisclosed reason.

Another new item can be found in the World of Disney in New York City. It's a black long sleeve shirt with a nice image of Jessica crossing the city streets with Mickey Mouse himself behind the wheel of a cab right in back of her. This is a first since Amblin and Disney both own the rights to the Roger Rabbit characters; there haven't been any items with other Disney characters together with the Roger characters, at least not since 1988. It looks at though it's only a woman's shirt but you might want to check on that. Jessica's dress has glittery accents to it and the whole design has an airbrushed look to it. Worth picking up!!!!

Jessica is also appearing on little girls clothing and in particular there is a shirt available in Disney World of Jessica in her Hawaiian outfit on the beach.