Monday, October 26, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Tombstone Pin Set Series

Title: Tombstone Pin Set Series
Released: September 2005 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95 each, Base with Mickey Mouse Pin $39.95
Limited Edition: 1000 each

This is the very first Jessica Rabbit Halloween pin ever released - and not only that, but Jessica shares it with none other than Pluto. There were six sets released in this series - each with two pins.

Each couple was connected to a large resin tombstone between them. This was a first for Disney to get as imaginative as they did adding the tombstone - but it didn't end there. You can collect all of the sets and buy a separate display for them. All six of the sets could be placed in a slot on the slanted base for a fun graveyard diorama. The base had a haunted house background and came with a pin of Mickey Mouse dressed as The Big Bad Wolf. The display base sold separately for $39.95. So the whole thing would have cost over $130 - which is actually not too bad considering a six pin set nowadays sells for more, and you don't get a display or tombstones.

To add Pluto with Jessica Rabbit, and in a set with other Disney characters, was a very telling move. It meant that Jessica was now recognizable enough to be alongside the others. It was definitely at this point the Jessica Rabbit pins really started to flourish.

Jessica Rabbit and Tinker Bell though are the only two in this series that are not wearing Halloween costumes. Pluto is dressed as a sheriff, with a small bat flying around his nose. Jessica Rabbit is holding a trick-or-treat pumpkin and at least has a look of fright on her face as she is surrounded by bats flying around her. These are not the first pins to have characters dressed AS other Disney characters, but there were not many before it.