Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Live Experience By Future Cinema

For the first time ever, the Ink and Paint Club is brought to life for a night of music, entertainment and cartoon craziness. Future Cinema in London has created a Who Framed Roger Rabbit live experience, with an evening full of dancing - and getting frisked! Not simply a movie screening, this presentation brings you into the world of Roger Rabbit via the Ink and Paint Club where you meet like likes of Eddie Valiant, Marvin Acme, Judge Doom, The Weasels - and Jessica Rabbit!

This is a fully immersive performance, where you can dress up to match the time period and even interact with the actors. Future Cinema is a live events company that specializes in creating a new way to experience your favorite films - with actors, set pieces and special effects. You truly get to live in your favorite movie for an evening.

These performances started on February 14th and will run through February 23rd. Tickets for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit performances are available through Future Cinema's website. You can also find out more details on their Facebook Page.

Check out this video from the live show
Future Cinema Presents Who Framed Roger Rabbit