Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In The Spotlight - Custom Jessica Standees By Suspended Animation NY

For quite some time now I have been posting on custom Jessica Rabbit standees. When I finally received one I was immediately blown away. If you are looking for the perfect representation of Jessica Rabbit, Suspended Animation NY brings us some fantastic standees full of sparkle and curves. If you ever wanted to own a Jessica piece that looks straight out of the parks, here is your chance!

When I came across Suspend Animation NY on Etsy, I instantly spotted a towering, life-size Jessica and Roger Rabbit wall plaque. The detail and work on them looked amazing. I soon saw Mickey, Minnie, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, and even Jack Skellington all available and expertly crafted as wreaths, trinket boxes, or wall plaques. Jessica was soon transformed into a smaller standee, however she is anything but small. This particular standee, with her famous over-the-shoulder-look, is 23 inches tall (that's about the height of the original Big Figure). Her dress is sparkling and Jessica's colors are all bold and vibrant - this particular shade of pink glitter was very limited and used for my custom order but the regular glitter paper used still matches well with Jessica. The standee is sturdy and both very carefully and expertly crafted. Jessica Rabbit is looking exactly as Jessica Rabbit should. The standee is so impressive that in photos it looks like a Jessica picture was photoshopped next to the statue.

This isn't the only Jessica Rabbit standee available. The Jessica Rabbit pin that every collector was talking about, the Jessica Rabbit Movie Star Jumbo, became the Holy Grail of Jessica pins. It was on Disney Auctions in 2006, but before the auction even ended the pins were lost. The mishap which followed only made the pin more infamous. Now, here's your chance to own the beautiful design, painstakingly recreated into a 23 inch standee. Jessica Rabbit is in the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch, and can now be yours again in a totally new and larger format. There is also a 24" inch glittered standee of Jessica Rabbit's memorable Pleasure Island sign, a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Anniversary piece, and a 23 inch Jessica Rabbit glittered Christmas standee.

I can say from seeing for myself that the work on these is fantastic. It's not often something comes along which is a custom art piece of Jessica that looks so amazing. Even if Jessica doesn't happen to be your favorite character, there is a big selection of others you can choose from. Custom orders are also available upon request. These are all perfect for your home, office, as a gift - or for yourself.

Take a look at Suspended Animation NY on Etsy to buy your own today!