Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica October Calendar

The Surprise Jessica Rabbit October Calendar Pin was released on Friday, September 28th at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio store. This is indeed a surprised as it is the second Jessica Calendar pin in September, making it an early release as well. There may be big Jessica pin surprises in October so keep checking here. The front background image has an orange glitter fill. Jessica's original signature is on the right of the pin. There is also the "2013" below that and the usual half shot of her. The inside shows Jessica Rabbit dressed as a witch for Halloween with a long black gown, hat, gloves and boots. She is on a broom, flying through the air with a jack-o-lantern in tow. The background is a black glitter fill and you can see wisps of wind around her. The calendar portion is printed on the bottom half. Halloween is indicated with a pumpkin on the calendar. The pins sold for $16.95 each and are a Limited Edition of 300. As always, this was a surprise release with no set scheduled date known to the public.