Thursday, October 10, 2013

Me And Jessica Rabbit

I started reporting on Jessica Rabbit news and merchandise over ten years ago - and naturally my love for the character has existed ever since I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in theaters way back in 1988. It's always fun to let people know what new and exciting merchandise is on the way, or any Disney park surprises that happen - though I never do share any information about myself. This site is about Jessica Rabbit, and I've never felt the need to delve into personal issues or stories - but the good people at Musa Publishing (who will be bringing us Gary Wolf's third Roger novel Who Wacked Roger Rabbit) had a lot of questions for me. So, if there are any long-term readers and you had any burning desire to know more about me, this site and my love of all things Jessica Rabbit, have a read of my interview by Musa Publishing.

Tell us about yourself and — how and why did you start it?
I've always loved art and animation ever since I was a kid. It impressed me that people were drawing those characters. I enjoyed watching the process of that as well - the behind the scenes stuff. I loved art, and drawing. I would often copy what I would see in a picture or on TV and try to match it as close as I could. I still do art, traditionally or digitally. I created my first ever Jessica Rabbit custom doll. I never painted before and it came out better than I expected.