Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the ghouls of Toontown. Let's have a good 'ol cartoony Halloweenie party with candy inspired by our friends Roger and Jessica Rabbit. What can we have? Lets see...

A good pair of classic Wax Lips can bring out the Jessica Rabbit realness in anyone - minus the need for painful and expensive surgery. Get ready to give Roger a big smooch with these flavored favorites.

How about some colorful, delicious, bouncy gummi cars. Certainly as your driving the thruways of Toontown, you're bound to encounter cars that look just like these - and are probably just as wiggly. Since Easter has claimed chocolate rabbits, there's no reason you can't have some bright, oversized gummi rabbits for Halloween. They look too cute to eat... so maybe just a nibble?

It's not always easy finding the perfect cartoon confections, so why not be creative and have a bag of customized Who Framed Roger Rabbit themed M & M's. Three colors that reflect the look of Roger, Eddie, Baby Herman, Judge Doom, The Dip, Jessica Rabbit, Dolores, Benny the Cab, Boss Weasel and Toontown.

Never turn down a good kiss, especially when it's made of candy! Lip shaped lollipops and chocolate kisses, surely nothing could be better... unless it's Roger and Jessica Rabbit cookies!

Has there ever been any official Jessica Rabbit candy? There has! The candy itself didn't take the shapely form of Jessica - but she was on the box at least. Jessica has graced the cover of her own line of Cinnamon Mints, Chocolate and was also formed into a candy container back in the 1990's. Don't you think it's time for more Roger and Jessica themed candy?