Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ariel 17 Inch Doll Surfaces

Disney's other famous redhead has come up from the sea for a very special reason. The 17 inch Heirloom Collection continues at long last with it's latest addition from The Little Mermaid, Ariel. She's a fully poseable 17 inch doll with an embellished tail, flowing red hair and shell jewelry. While it's stated that the doll does have a poseable tail, it does not say if she has legs like all the usual Ariel dolls do. She was made available for preorder by the Disney Store website and locations, but won't be released until October 1st when the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray comes out. She is a Limited Edition of 6000, which is raised from the usual edition size, and sells for $99.95. People who have seen the doll in person on display in Disney Stores are already praising the doll on its unique look. It's also been rumored that the surprise release doll will be Ursula, however, due to the nature of the dolls and their customary boxes, there is no word on if the doll with be Ursula in her usual form, a slimmed down version, or her transformed into Vanessa. The Ursula doll won't be released until October 1st. Disney has taken a slight departure from this 17 inch line, with Ariel so far being the only doll available this year. Previous years had seen a few dolls released during the summer months. The 17 inch Ariel doll is an excellent likeness with fantastic details - making all of us here wanting Disney to make Jessica even more!

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(UPDATE - it appears the doll may be sold out. This was released on Monday July 29th, and that would be quite fast for them to all be spoken for, but Ariel has proven to be a very popular character, so this doll may in fact already be sold out. There was also a big reveal of the 17 inch Ursula and Prince Eric dolls.)