Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pin Preview - Back To School ID Jessica

Just when things seemed to be getting slightly overdone, the Disney Soda Fountain has come up with a cute new pin series which is no doubt influenced by the release of Monsters University. The Back To School ID card series will be released on August 3rd. Each will be a Limited Edition of 400 (which is a higher number than usual) and sell for $14.95 each. The characters in this series are Chicken Little, Sulley, Vanellope von Schweetz and Jessica Rabbit. It appears both the character picture and the crest will be a pin-on-pin element. Jessica's headshot is to the bottom right of the pink ID card. She's looking very studious in her white collared shirt. Above her photo reads "Acme High School." The crest off to the left features Roger's ears, hearts and a blue letter "J." Jessica Rabbit's name is printed in white at the bottom.