Friday, May 31, 2013

A Roger Rabbit 25th Anniversary Celebration Next Month By

Close to 1,000 photos from the archives of and around the internet are waiting for the big 25th Anniversary. There will be some fun posts on here next month, but over at Jessica Rabbit World, the Tumblr page, each day will bring something new - so check often and relive the nostalgia of Who Framed Roger Rabbit all over again. Here is a list of what to expect all through the month of June on Jessica Rabbit World:

1 - Intro
2 - Promotional Art - posters, art and other material
3 - Roger Rabbit Appreciation - Roger park photos
4 - Jessica Rabbit Appreciation - Jessica park photos
5 - Promotional Photos
6 - Jessica Rabbit Concept Art
7 - Disney MGM Studios Photos
8 - Toontown Denizens - Lena Hyena, Ink and Paint Club crew, Dancing Shoes and the cartoon cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
9 - Roger Rabbit Concept Art
10 - Jessica's - The Jessica Rabbit store and merchandise
11 - Disneyland - Toontown, Car Toon Spin queue, ride photos and art
12 - Cartoon Co-stars - Benny the Cab and Baby Herman
13 - Parody - Spoofs of Roger and Jessica Rabbit
14 - The human cast of Roger Rabbit - Dolores, Eddie Valiant and more.
15 - Roger and Jessica Rabbit Creator Gary K. Wolf and Original Jessica Rabbit Pins by Wendy Gell
16 - The Villains - The Weasels and Judge Doom
17 - Jessica Rabbit Mattel Doll Designer Lisa Temming and Jessica Sign Artist Mark Marderosian
18 - The Making of Roger Rabbit, Storyboard Art, Behind the Scenes
19 - Roger Rabbit Comics
20 - Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit, Trail Mix-Up and the unreleased Hare In My Soup photos
21 - The Roger Rabbit cast and crew
22 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Photos and Collages
23 - Deleted Scenes - Jessica's Dressing Room, the Pig Head Scene, and more.
24 - Roger Rabbit merchandise
25 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit merchandise
26 - Jessica Rabbit merchandise
27 - Baby Herman, Benny the Cab and The Weasels merchandise
28 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit costumes
29 - Jessica Rabbit Costumes
30 - That's All Folks!