Sunday, May 12, 2013

Funko Wants To Make Roger Rabbit POP Vinyl Figures

While anticipating the lineup for series 5 of the Disney POP Vinyls, people were cheering for Roger and Jessica to squeeze into the series. Unfortunately they did not make the cut - but they had been wanted by the company!

During Toy Fair 2013, Vinylmation Kingdom conducted an interview with Brian Mariotti, President of Funko, and spoke to him about some of the future hopes and plans for the series. Here's what was said:

"Another property that came up was Roger Rabbit!!! I almost fainted. Brian has been working to get the rights to produce Roger, Benny, Jessica, and the rest for a while now. With Vinylmation finally releasing Roger in Animation [series] 2, I mentioned that perhaps this could be sooner rather than later. Sounded like Brian will be looking into it again this upcoming year."

So someone out there IS on the side of our favorite toons - and trying to get them into a new toy line with an all new likeness. Stay Tooned Folks, and keep your fingers crossed!