Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pin Release - Big Thunder Mountain Event Roger and Jessica

An amazing and beautiful pin was released today at Disneyland Paris - Roger and Jessica Rabbit on Big Thunder Mountain. The pin was a surprise release part of the Big Thunder Mountain Event today. The pin is a Limited Edition of 400 and is called a mini-jumbo pin. The design is much inspired by the short cartoon Roller Coaster Rabbit. Roger and Baby Herman are in a wood cart on the Big Thunder Mountain ride (the cart still being appropriately numbered 13) and Roger has his arms stretched out to rescue Jessica. Jessica is tied to the tracks, taken straight out of the cartoon short. This is quite a pin. There is a lot of print work on it such as the ride logo at the bottom in yellow and red, as well as Jessica's eye, lips and glove. Roger and Baby Herman also have printed elements on them such as their eyes and they are a second pin-on-pin layer. I didn't expect we'd ever get to see a pin of Jessica Rabbit tied up from that scene, but naturally it's already quite popular to pin collectors here in the states.