Saturday, June 13, 2015

Exclusive D23 Once Upon A Time Dolls Revealed

Late tonight there was a sneak peek of some exclusive merchandise coming to D23 2015. While we haven't had any official announcements or information directly from Disney, sharp-eyed fans found a listing on eBay for two exclusive dolls that appear to be a convention exclusive (meaning they will only be available at the convention). For the first time ever there will be two dolls based upon the characters from ABC's Once Upon A Time, the Enchanted Forrest versions of Snow White and Regina the Evil Queen. Take a look at some more photos...

The two dolls appear to come together. They are side by side but look to be attached and can fold like a book. When folded the dolls are back to back and are inside a slip case. The Disney Store logo is clearly printed on the boxes, and the D23 Exclusive seal can be found on the bottom right of the slip case. The slip case is windowed and also has the opening logo screen on two sides.

One side has a write-up about the set:

"Disney Store proudly presents the Once Upon A Time Collection inspired by ABC Studios' television series. Designed with the Disney fan and collector in mind, the collection features exquisitely crafted sculpts and intricate costume details that bring to life the beauty, magic and charm of the iconic fairy tale characters from the show."

The back of the dolls individual boxes has photos of the actresses Lana Parrilla as The Evil Queen and Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White. Each of their boxes is themed appropriately, with the Evil Queen having a dark backdrop and thorns printed around the plastic case and Snow White with a white backdrop and white curls. It is hard to tell if these are 12 or 17 inch dolls, but they do come with a Certificate of Authenticity similar to the ones that come with the 17 inch collection stating they will be a Limited Edition of 300. There should be more information available as we get closer to D23 in August.