Thursday, June 11, 2015

Custom 4 Foot Tall Jessica Rabbit Standee

Suspended Animation has added another amazing custom piece to the wide selection of Jessica Rabbit art. This new standee towers at almost 4 feet tall. Suspended Animation NY has a selection of art that is sure to wow you, and his Jessica pieces are no exception - you can read a review of a standee I got here. It is identical to this new pice except in size. So, if you're looking to go a lot bigger in your Jessica collection, this is what you'll be wanting.

The glitter process to the dress required a few steps and coats. It's a combination of red and pink glitter and matches to that of the film expertly, picking up the light and shimmering from head to toe. Don't miss out on buying some of the best custom Jessica Rabbit art out there by adding something truly unique to your collection.

For the 4 Ft Tall Jessica Standee - CLICK HERE

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