Friday, June 19, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #169 - Super Jumbo Puzzle Pin

Title: Jessica Rabbit Super Jumbo Puzzle Pin
Released: July 30th 2007 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $39.95
Limited Edition: 1000

This pin features the crew from the Ink and Paint Club - the crows playing a cello, penguin waiters, Bongo the Gorilla and Jessica Rabbit. Even Roger is here. There are six separate layers to this pin which make it come together as a puzzle. Pin 1 is the bottom part of the cello. Pin 2 are the two crows and the top of the cello. Pin 3 is Roger and Bongo's shoulder, pin 4 is Jessica's torso and back of the chair and Roger's hands , pin 5 is Jessica's bust, the bottom of the chair and the penguin waiters. The 6th pin is Bongo the Gorilla. Although listed as a puzzle pin, when you take it out of the box, all the layers are bolted together and cannot be removed. You can read my review of this pin HERE.