Sunday, June 14, 2015

Heroes Vs. Villains Designer Collection Revealed

To see the Heroes Vs. Villains 2016 Set - CLICK HERE

For the full reveal of Set One - CLICK HERE.

We are just months away from the 2015 D23 convention and everyone is looking for clues, hints, sneak peeks and any information that might be of value as to what is going to be released. We had a reveal late last night of a Once Upon A Time doll set with Snow White and Regina - the first time these characters have been made into dolls. Today, we got a first look at one set from the rumored Heroes Vs. Villains series - Ariel and Ursula.

While the back of the box is hard to read, it does state that this is a Designer Fairytale Collection:

"Disney's Designer Fairytale Collection brings together the legendary heroes and villains you love in a series inspired by your favorite Disney fairytales. Disney Store artists have captured the timeless struggle between good and evil in magnificent detail, conveying the wonderful wickedness and bold heroic spirit of these unforgettable characters. Rich, evocative and dramatic, the Disney Designer Fairytale Collection will be a treasured keepsake for collectors and Disney fans alike."

Take a look at what appears to be this official new addition to the Designer Collection...

While this is yet another unofficial photo leaked somewhere through the internet, this set does appear to be the real deal. The strong rumor circulating around was that the next Designer Collection series would be Heroes Vs. Villains. While this seemed almost impossible and unlikely since we have had so many Princesses, it looks to be true with this photo set of Ariel and Ursula. The dolls will be sold as a set, much like the previous two Fairytale Designer Collections, and include a good versus evil face-off. The doll of Ursula is both new, and not new. Her design is almost an exact copy of her 17 inch doll. She has the same makeup, hair, necklace and top half but only has the tentacles instead of the dress portion. The other new aspect to her is the new articulation joints to her arms at the elbow and wrist. She is covered in black crystals and the underside of her tentacles appear to have purple sequins.

The Ariel doll has a face sculpt that may have been used before, but this is her first Designer Collection doll where she will be in mermaid form. She has a fully sequined tail, which look very much like scales. Her top is printed on a sheer fabric and also has small crystals. She is sitting down on a rock accessory with her fins flipped up showing a glittered pattern.

The next set revealed is Elsa and Hans from Frozen. Elsa is in her coronation dress and is holding accessories. Hans is creeping over her shoulder. There is the D23 exclusive seal on the slip case, which means it will only be available at the convention.