Thursday, June 17, 2010

Noteworthy Jessica Rabbit Pins

The first ever LE 100 Jessica six pin set was released on Disney Auctions in 2004, selling for $165.00 and the set is highly sought after today.

The very first Jessica Mystery pin was in 2004, given as a free gift when you ordered from Disney online. Limited to 100, this is one of the rarest Jessica pins.

Disney Auction Pins were usually a low edition of 100 and the Jessica pins from that time now sell for a lot of money and getting harder to come by.

The first public pin event to offer a Jessica pin was Mickey's All American Pin Quest - celebrating Disneyland's 48th Birthday. The first private event to offer a Jessica pin was Lights, Camera, Pins.

Disney soon began to have special pin events which required registration and separate admission such as: Chip and Dale's Wild West Pin Adventure, Pin Trading University, Pin Route 498 and The Museum of Pin-tiquities .

The very first pin of Jessica in a Halloween costume is from the 2006 Glow-in-the-dark Spiderweb Collection, released in Disneyland.

The first ever Jessica pin to feature a glitter accented dress was from Disneyland Paris in 2003. The first pin in the US was a one-of-a-kind prototype that sold on the Disney Auctions site for $295 in June of 2003. The first glitter dress pin was finally offered to the public for Easter of 2004.

The first ever Jessica pin series was available in November of 2004 on Disney's Purchase It Now Store (P.I.N.S) which was part of their Auction site.

In June 2006, Jessica Rabbit at the Beach was the first pin series available from Disney Online after their auction site closed.

One of the most famous and interesting series is Jessica Around The World. Unlike a pin set, pins in a series were sold separately. This series proved to be very popular - I wonder why!

Probably the strangest Jessica pin is the 2007 Snowman Likeness pin, sold online Christmas Eve and was part of a LE 100 set with other characters. It sold out the same day of release.

Disney began selling Mystery Sets, you never knew which pin you would get. Jessica was often the character in the lowest edition of 50 out of 1000.

There are frequently Jessica pins released for each Holiday at Disney Parks and on their website.

The biggest Roger Rabbit Cast pin is the Super Jumbo Puzzle Pin available in 2007.

The most important and famous Jessica Rabbit pin is the Limited Edition 100 Movie Star Jumbo from 2006. The pins were auctioned on Disney's site for over $100. Disney reported to customers the pins were "lost," and no one would be charged unless they were found. Disney's Auction site closed and the pins resurfaced two years later on Disney's website without warning and not offered to the original bidders. They sold for $19.95 and were gone within minutes - now they can sometimes be found on eBay for over $200.