Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jessica Rabbit Doll Release Delayed Again

Disney Showcase Collection Jessica Rabbit Tonner Doll

The Jessica Rabbit doll by Tonner, originally scheduled for release in March, has been pushed back month after month. It is now scheduled for July (which also happens to be when ComicCon is).

Sending an email to Tonner - I received this response:

Thanks so much for your email and interest in TONNERDirect.

Yes, the product is slated for delivery mid-July, (I double checked with the NY offices) the website was updated to reflect this on the shipping schedule. However, prior to this I believe it was only slated as TBD, we didn't have a definitive date for it, so not sure where you were getting that information, but we will have it arriving mid-July to ship out! She is really amazing and well worth the wait...sometimes these things just take time and we try not to post information unless we have pretty certain timelines, so sorry for the confusion.