Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jessica's Dressing Room Deleted Scene

Here are two stills from The Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, showing a few seconds of Eddie snooping around Jessica's dressing room. It looks like it was to be a longer part of what has been called The Pig Head Sequence. On the DVD version, Eddie breaks into Jessica's dressing room through a window. As he climbs inside, he falls - and is quickly beat up as he is on the ground. We can't see by who but we presume from hearing the patter of the feet it was the weasels. Eddie gains his composure to give chase, but it stopped by Bongo the Gorilla. When he wakes up, he is facing Judge Doom and then Jessica.

The photos below are from footage that was Not released on the Special Edition DVD. We do not get to see Eddie actually snooping around Jessica's dressing room at all on that deleted scene - so there had to be more to it.

For some reason I think that it was supposed to be Jessica who hit Eddie on the back with a chair to knock him to the ground after he snooped around her dressing room, but when he falls into the window it is already cut to him on the floor. You can see bits of the broken chair on the floor during his heated argument with Jessica in the DVD scene.