Thursday, August 21, 2014

Still Time To Enter The Roger Rabbit Giveaway Contest

A 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray, a Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? novel, A ZILLION SIMOLEONS! These prizes are still awaiting one more winner for Gary K. Wolf's Roger Rabbit Giveaway Contest.

To enter, send an email to In the subject line put Roger Giveaway. In the message, you have to answer this question:

If Roger and Jessica went to a costume party, what costumes would they wear?

The first winner was announced on August 18th and sent along a creative story with Roger and Jessica's costume selections. The last winner will be chosen on August 30th. So there's still one more chance to win. Don't wait! Start thinking about what fun, toony, wacky or scintillating costumes the most famous couple in Toontown would wear.

You'll want to be kept up-to-date by visiting his blog at where he will be posting all the updates and news on the contest.