Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are Fake Jessica Rabbit Football Pins Surfacing

While searching through Jessica Rabbit Football pins, I noticed that many of the pins had different qualities to one another, leading me to compare them and see if there could possibly be fake pins already showing up from this very recently released series. The pin to the far right is the possible original, it has clean lines, clean metal and sharper details. The pin in the middle and left are definitely in question. You can see the detail to the mouth, earring, nose, eye, eyebrow and hairline are all flat and have a lot more metal in the way. This is normally a sign of a fake pin - but, this series was so newly released that I'm not sure how they would have been faked already. The pins in questions could very well be legit, but with their quality being much more poor. Either way, these are common signs of fakes so remember to be very careful when buying and trading pins online.