Friday, February 17, 2012

NEW Jessica Rabbit Motorcycle tshirt

Here is a look at the NEW Jessica Rabbit shirt from Downtown Disney locations. Not too much info on this other than it was just released - and it's of Jessica straddling a motorcycle. It says Jessica's Custom Speedshop on the front, and there is an eye-opening image of Jessica on the back. Talk about suggestive, Jessica is showing a lot of - junk in the trunk! This may be one of those shirts that is not around for a long time if there are any complaints.

*Update* FOUND! Finally. It seems this shirt cannot be found in the Disney system, as "Jessica" is not in the title of the item. For anyone interested in buying it - they are $24.95 each! If you call to order it the SKU number is 400006320537. The castmember told me the shirt is making the rounds to Epcot and a few other locations, but that the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney did not have many left in stock as of that moment. However, it's being reported that there are plenty of these shirts to go around.