Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating Nine Years

When I first started a Jessica Rabbit site nine years ago, I had no idea I'd still be at it - reporting on pins, statues, news and rumors. I opened the Yahoo group, JRab, on Valentines Day of 2003. Slowly but surely people began to join the group. There was not much you could do with the Group, other than post photos in an album, and leave some messages on the front page. There was still an interest in Jessica Rabbit, and not long after that her pins became a huge fan favorite - keeping me busy posting every bit of information I could. Statues, mugs, and shirts followed. Jessica was back in the public eye at long last.

I started to find out ways to get more news on the front page and was very busy keeping up with all the new Jessica releases while being creative making my own Jessica art to fit certain holidays or occasions. After five good years on Yahoo, I knew I had to move to a better alternative for a website. In 2008, for the 20th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I started While slow to keep up at first and focusing more attention to the YouTube channel ImNotBadTV, the website finally started to take shape - in the form of the curvaceous toon star to only be "...just drawn that way."

Jessica Rabbit artists took the time to conduct interviews with me for this site, giving it something interesting, entertaining, and respectable. Merchandise reviews brought in visitors looking for more information on certain Jessica items. is drawing in several thousand page views a week with people looking for costumes, art, and merchandise. To all of you who continue to visit, thanks for enjoying the site - and hopefully it will be bigger and better for next year. Stay Tooned!

Website front page artwork over the years