Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Original Maroon Studios Sign

Here is a photo of the very rare original Maroon Studios sign from Disney's MGM Studios (left). This original sign was more like the opening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit - with Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit's heads below the logo. This time Jessica is joining them. The sign comes off as a little awkward with Jessica there since her hair just sort of hangs down.

I'm not sure when or why the sign was changed, but you can spot many differences. Mainly that now the characters are not only floating heads in the distance, but closer up half-body poses. The Maroon Studios logo curves on top of them, and the names are bigger and easier to read. The background also seems to have been fixed up.

Most of the other Roger Rabbit-themed items were changed, taken down, or relocated, however, the newer Maroon Studios sign still stands in what's now knows as Disney's Hollywood Studios.