Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jessica Rabbit Light Up Premium Format

With any doubts you may have had about the Jessica Rabbit Premium Format by Sideshow Collectibles - be ready to place your order if you haven't already. Sideshow has revealed that the Jessica statue will feature a light-up display base. This was just recently revealed and not something they mentioned at all during its debut at the Comic-Con in July. However, we may get some explanation if Sideshow attends the annual New York Toy Fair happening this weekend. As you can see from the photo, there is a light under the stage Jessica is somehow impossibly standing on. This makes it very movie accurate to her scene in the Ink and Paint Club when the stage beneath her would light up every time she took a step.

Sideshow Collectibles mentions on their site that there are less than 30 Exclusive Edition Jessica Rabbit Premium Format figures available, but the good news is that the Regular Edition will feature the light-up base as well.

*UPDATE* The Sideshow website now lists the release of the statue for May 2012, and less than 10 statues remain for the Exclusive Edition. The Regular Edition is still available. New photos of the statue with the light-up base feature have been added. There is much speculation on the material of the dress being changed, as the dress seems to be "baggy" around Jessica's waist in some people's opinion. While there is definitely a difference, there is no word on if this is the final look of the statue for its May release.

Original Dress / New Dress