Monday, November 19, 2007

What Should You Wish For This Holiday Season?

2007 brought us a lot of Jessica items - but before doing a review - what should be on your Jessica Wish List this holiday season? Or what should you get for your Jessica fan?

One pin that I thought would be a very quick sell-out was Jessica as Maleficent. This was part of the LE 250 series released for Halloween. She also dressed as Aladdin, Roger, Hercules, Goofy, Mrs. Incredible, Peter Pan and Alice. The last two mentioned also seemed to be fan favorites as well. Maleficent became a pretty popular villain and combining that with Jessica made the pin a must have, which sold out the same morning of release.

Hot Topic released some more items this year. A button, a wallet, a tote bag and shirts. While harder to find in my local stores, they were available on their website for a time. Most recently they released a keychain that was a little more hip and interesting for being a Jessica item. Long chains and Jessica's curvaceous pose make this a winning item and a great stocking-stuffer.

On the Real Hard To Find list is the Jessica Rabbit Disneykin. Disneykins are tiny, less than one inch tall figures that made their debut in the 1960's. There weren't many characters produced originally but Disney did continue this line and it's unknown how many modern ones have been made. They are available in mystery packs of 3, some characters being more rare than others. This year a Jessica Disneykin was released. This is definitely a holy grail for any Jessica collection, even if it's an inch of plastic. If you see this item, don't hesitate to get it.

Still on my list ever since it came out is the Jessica vinyl statue by Medicom Toys. This is the Most accurate statue to date and being plastic, there is no fear of displaying it. It's becoming hard to find and once $30 is now going for $100 and up.

There are a bunch of Christmas items that have surprised us showing up without warning. Disney has a new Advent Christmas Pin Tree available with separate numbered pin sets. From December 1st to the 25th, you put the correct pin for that day on the tree - or you can just buy a set you like. One 6-pin set is dedicated to Jessica with great new poses in her Christmas best.

A pin I have yet to see on eBay is the Jessica and Roger Treasure Chest pin. Part of the dreaded mystery set, and LE 50s or 100s may as well be on your list as they add a lot of value to your collection.

This year Tokyo Disneyland released some stationary and one of the more interesting items is the Jessica Rabbit bookmark. These items have also been scarcely seen for bid so if you get a chance, any piece is certainly worth getting.

Disney Paris also offered a lot of Jessica merchandise and the Jessica Statue seems to be pretty popular and occasionally found on ebay. This is a great statue and going up in price quickly.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Set was recently released and sold out the same morning. Taking a chance I got this set and was very pleased with the whole set. But if you can get the Jessica and Roger pin you might be pleasantly surprised too.

The most hideous and insane pin probably to ever come out - to date - is schedule to be released December 24th, The Snowman Likeness Set. It includes one snow-woman Jessica and has to be the strangest pin offered by Disney. This set is an LE 100 and it might be taking a chance but I think there may be something worth getting, even if you can by it separately later.

Last, this past summer Tomart did a special article in their Disneyana magazine on the Jessica's Store. The article doesn't tell us all that much but there are many photos of the interior and merchandise available at the time.

If thats not enough for you there are many holiday pins out and others on the way.

Just released today is a hinged window pin which opens up to reveal Roger and Jessica sitting by the fire.

Jessica, Roger and Benny are out for a holiday drive in a very scenic pin available November 26th.

After last years preview art of an all crystal-dresses Jessica was changed to only a crystal in her hair (along with all the Princesses getting un-crystaled), this year we finally have a slight compromise with a New Holiday Crystal Dress pin as well as a Jessica shaped ornament coming December 3rd.

Another Train Set is coming out December 10th with Roger and Jessica taking up the rear cart and a mistletoe series will also be available.

December 17th Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman celebrate 2008 in France and finally on December 24th (yes there are pins scheduled to be released on Christmas Eve) the most unique and disturbing Jessica pin ever to be released is in the Snowman Likeness 6-Pin Set.

Also on the way with no release date is a Christmas Gifts 5-pin set. Characters like Lilo & Stitch, Mickey & Minnie and Roger & Jessica appear in this set.

In a new type of pin series, Jessica and other characters such as Mickey, Sleeping Beauty and Cheshire Cat, all wear a real rope "lanyard" around their neck with small "pins" such as Cinderella's slipper, the Mickey icon and, yes, Jessica's kiss.